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Red deer breeding

Annually Red deer breeders supply to pharmacists of the country and to export up to six tons of preserved dags for provision of healing pantocrine.

Minerals storehouse

The eastern part of the country is rich in deposits of gold, zinc, copper, lead, tin, wolframium. Exploration and mining of minerals is operating and actively developing in the region.

Recreation and tourism

In the centre of Eurasia there is the highlands which attract travelers by their unexplored nature and natural state.

Animal breeding

Animal breeding is the major sector of agriculture of east kazakhstan region. Livestock production accounts for two thirds of gross agricultural output of the region. 


Kazakhstan’s investment opportunities presented to investors from 143 countries of the world

Investors of the Arab world and world transnational corporations were called for investing in Kazakhstan. Kazakh Invest, being the chief-negotiator on behalf of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan on attracting and supporting investments in the country, presented Kazakhstan’s investment opportunities and the perspective branches for investment, informed the international business on measures of the state support of investors during the largest investment event Annual Investment Meeting in Dubai.
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