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Priority sectors

The machine-building complex is one of dynamically developing branches in the region. The branch includes 158 enterprises, including 12 large, 9 medium and 137 small enterprises.

Large and medium-sized enterprises take major share in the structure of industrial production of all types, their contribution account for 80% of the mechanical engineering volume.

Leading enterprises are “Asia Auto” JSC, “Kazzincmash” Ltd, “Ust-Kamenogorsk  Reinforcing Plant” JSC, “Ust-Kamenogorsk Condenser Plant” JSC, “KEMONT” JSC, “Semmashzavod” JSC, “Semey engineering” JSC, “Hydrosteel” Ltd, “Kazelectromash” Ltd,  “SemAz” Ltd, “Mashzavod” Ltd, etc.
Enterprises of the branch produce oil-field, mining and metallurgical equipment, autos and lorries, buses, wheeled tractors, condensers and other electrotechnical production, all  kinds of  pumps, cable and other production.

“ASIA AUTO” JSC being a part of the group of companies “BIPEK AUTO-Asia Auto” is the largest machine-building enterprise of the region and one of the largest in Kazakhstan.  

In 2017 the enterprise plans to increase the output of vehicles in several times by 2016.

“Asia Auto Kazakhstan” JSC is implementing the project “Construction of Automobile Plant of full cycle and technopark for automotive components production” with creation of 4 thousand jobs.


“SemAz” Ltd

Basic activity of the enterprise is assembly of vehicles and agricultural machinery.

Now the enterprise has established assembly and serial release of nine models of “Belarus” tractor, trucks “Shacman”, “Ural”, “Foton”, “Gazelle”, “FAW”.

Target markets – regions of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

8066 tractors “Belarus” and 2234 trucks are assembled during 2009-2016.


“Ust-Kamenogorsk Reinforcing Plant” JSC

The enterprise is the largest manufacturer in the Republic of Kazakhstan and the third largest in the CIS of pipeline stop valves for pipe installation.

The plant produces gate valves, block valves, ball plug valves, backflow valves and disk shutters, check valves and other, it is well-known outside the Republic of Kazakhstan: in Russia, the states of the CIS, and countries of the far abroad.

This year the plant is updating the galvanized site for the purpose of expansion and improvement of quality of chrome covering. Besides, the plant plans to increase a range of manufactured products.


“Ust-Kamenogorsk Condenser Plant” Ltd

The enterprise produces condensers and condenser installations. During the last few years the enterprise has updated its production and now uses the equipment of the leading world brands: “AMADA”, “HILTON”, “Synthesis” and others. In 2017 it is planned to launch 8 new types of electrotechnical production.

The enterprise supplies its production to the local market, to the countries of EAEC , the CIS, France, Hungary and to other foreign countries.



It is leading dynamically developing enterprise of electrical engineering with 60 years' experience in the area of design and production of electrical equipment of average and low voltage.

“KEMONT” JSC has considerable production base including procurement, paint and assembly shops, technological lines, modern machining facilities with computerised numeric control of the leading firms - SIEMENS, ALSTOM (AREVA) and others.

The electrotechnical equipment manufactured by “KEMONT” JSC is used in various industries: metallurgical, nuclear, chemical, mining, oil and gas, industrial power and on objects of power supply systems, agriculture and housing construction, objects of social, cultural and household purpose.

8 energy producing organizations of various form of ownership, which include 9 power plants, generate electrical energy in East Kazakhstan region. The total installed capacity of power plants is 2118 mW.

Power plants are divided into power stations of national and regional value.

Power plants of national value are the hydroelectric power stations (HPSs) of high-power also used for regulation of the level of energy consumption of UES RK:

- Buhtarma HEC “Kazzinc” JSC;

- Ust-Kamenogorsk HPS;

- Shulba HPS.

Also, 2 HPSs of the Ridder cascade of HPSs – Khairuzovskaya and Tishinskaya generate electrical energy. 

Electric networks of East Kazakhstan are a set of substations, switchgears and electric power lines connecting them of 0,4-500 kV voltage, intended for transmission and (or) distribution of electrical energy.

The backbone network is the national electric network which provides electricity lines between regions of the Republic and the energy network of the Russian Federation, and also delivery of electrical energy by power plants and its transmission to wholesale consumers.

The guaranteeing supplier of electrical energy in East Kazakhstan is “Shygysenergotrade” Ltd. The only founder of “Shygysenergotrade” Ltd is “VK REK” JSC, 100 % of actions belong to “Samruk-Energo” JSC.

About 30 % of the territory of the region is covered with forests, which include such tree species, as fir, larch, fur-tree, cedar, aspen and birch and where about 70 % of commercial timber of Kazakhstan is concentrated. But, at the same time, the woodworking branch, that was once well developed, today is declining and demands restoration.

The total area of the State forest fund of the region makes up 3,6 million hectares. 44 % of exploitable timber resources of all Kazakhstan are concentrated in East Kazakhstan. Amount of forests of the region makes up 6,96 %. The basic tree species are pine, fir, fur-tree, cedar and larch, aspen, birch, poplar.

5 specially protected natural areas under the Forestry and Wildlife Committee of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan and 13 municipal public forest institutions under akimat of East Kazakhstan region are used for running the forest economy, the main objectives of which are forest fire protection and timber cutting, forest reproduction, forest-protection events. 

The area of specially protected natural territories makes up 1544,76 thousand hectares 41,8 %, of which is covered with forests 722,3 thousand hectares.

Now 16 out of 25 perspective forest districts which raw potential allows implementing projects on development of woodusing productions are assigned to longtime forest management for timber harvesting with possible annual volume of logging 470 thousand cub.m. 9 forest areas can be tendered with possible annual volume of logging 305 thousand cub.m.

Thus, East Kazakhstan region has a good resource potential for development of wood processing productions and there is an opportunity of attraction of foreign investors.

 This sector has a leading place in the economy of the region. In 2017 the share of processing industry made up 73,1%, (the basic share of production accounts for export).  

The production output of metallurgical industry for the last five years increased in 1.9 times. Leading enterprises of this sector are “Kazzinc” Ltd, “Ust-Kamenogorsk Titanium-Magnesium Plant” JSC, “Ulba Metallurgical Plant” JSC. Enterprises of the sector produce basic precious and nonferrous metals: lead, zinc, copper, affined gold and argentum, as well as titanium, magnesium, tantalum, fuel for the atomic power stations.

 Kazzinc Ltd.

Basic activity: mining, enrichment and processing of minerals, production and sale of nonferrous and precious metals, generation of electrical energy. The range of products: metal zinc, refined lead, affined gold, affined silver, cathode copper, cadmium, sulfuric acid. Target markets: Republic of Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine, Switzerland, Great Britain, China, countries of the Middle and Far East.


Basic activity: processing, transporting, storing of beryllium-containing, tantalum – and niobium-containing raw materials; performing/rendering of works/services connected with life cycle stages of subjects of peaceful uses of atomic energy; receiving, production, sale of metal beryllium and its compounds , metal tantalum and niobium and compounds  from them.   

The range of products: Uranium products (chemical concentrate of natural uranium, powders of dioxide, tablets), tantalum, niobium products (ingots, hire, powders of tantalum and niobium), beryllium products (beryllium metal, alloys, bronzes, products from beryllium oxide and beryllium metal).

Target markets: Kazakhstan, Russia, the USA, China, Japan, Germany, France, Great Britain, Austria, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, Israel, Belarus, Ukraine, Romania, Latvia, Korea, Switzerland, the South Korea, India.


Basic activity: production and sale of non-ferrous metals and their alloys.

The range of products: titanic ingots and alloys; titanium sponge; commodity magnesium; vanadium pentoxide.

Products of the plant are certified by all large producers of the space-air sector and are exported to industrialized countries.

The enterprises create new products in order to launch new metallurgical products with high value added:

  • “Ulba Metallurgical Plant” JSC: on December 6, 2016 on the Day of Industrialization has started to launch a plant for producing of fuel assemblies – one of breakthrough projects within the strategy of NAC “Kazatomprom” JSC to create the vertically integrated company with complete cycle of production of fuel for NPP. Launching of production of fuel assemblies is planned in 2020. The sum of investments will make over KZT48 billion.
  • KAZ Minerals Group is implementing the project for expansion of production volume of “Aktogai II”. The first product output is expected in the second half of 2021, increasing production - in 2022. It will be further produced approximately 80,000 tons of copper per year from 2022 till 2027 and almost 60,000 during the following years. The budget of capital investment is USD 1,2 billion.  

Investment attraction of the agriculture of East Kazakhstan region is characterized by the following aspects:

1. Land resources:

The total area of agricultural lands makes up 10,3 million ha, including arable lands - 1,4 million ha, pastures - 8,4 million ha, haymaking - 441 thou ha.

- The land stocks - 10,6 million ha, including 8,9 million ha of farmland.

2. Increasing the area of irrigated lands and developing irrigation farming:

East Kazakhstan has a considerable amount of land resources (over 200,7 thou ha) and water resources for irrigation farming, including in the state land stock - 66,7 thou ha (33 %).

3. Perspective directions for investment in the animal breeding are the following:

- Development of dairy and beef cattle breeding;

- Development of meat poultry breeding;

- Construction of meat processing complexes;

- Development of maral breeding and beekeeping.

The basic direction of the agriculture is animal breeding, accounting for more than 60% of gross agricultural output.

For today, a number of great cattle in farms of all categories amounted to 1044,9 thousand, 3,7 million sheep and goats, 74,1 thousand pigs, 347,3 thousand horses, 4,4 million poultry, over 9,6 thousand marals and deer, and also 77,4 thousand bee colonies.

The region has unique agricultural resources, and the favorable geographical location makes it possible to develop all-round, mutually advantageous cooperation.