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Investment activity in Kazakhstan

The total amount of investments into the fixed capital for January-July, 2019 accounted for KZT 334,658,0 million.

Investments into the fixed capital grew by 53,5% as compared to January- July, 2018. 

It is invested KZT32,763,9 million in the processing industry, KZT149,021,6 million in the mining industry and quarrying, KZT25,719,6  million in the transport and warehousing, KZT20,924,8 million in real estate transactions, KZT20,948,0  million in electro-, gas-, steam-supply and air-conditioning, KZT5,761,4  million in construction, KZT3,417,8 million in education, KZT13,164,0 million in healthcare and social services, KZT15,298,0 million in agriculture, forestry and fishery.

In structure of investments on sources of funding, own funds of enterprises made up 72,2%,  funds of the republican budget - 10,8%, funds of the local budget - 10,3%, bank loans - 0,8%, other borrowed funds - 5,9%. 

Most of the funds of the republican budget (33,6%) are directed to healthcare and social services, most of the funds of the local budget (49,4%) are directed to art, entertainment and leisure; own funds (78,8%) – to the industry; funds of bank loans (49,7%) – to the processing industry; other borrowed funds (50,0%) – to transport and warehousing.