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New oil extraction plant launched in East Kazakhstan region

Domestic investor Altyn Shyghys LLP, being a part of Sei-Nar Group of Companies, is launching a modern standardized oil extraction plant in Predgornoe village of Glubokoe district, East Kazakhstan region.

The project is being implemented with the support of NC KAZAKH INVEST JSC. The construction of this multicultural oil extraction plant worth KZT 29 billion started in 2019 and was funded by the investor, as well as due to credit funds of Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan JSC, Development Bank of Kazakhstan JSC, Export Insurance Company KazakhExport JSC.

The project implementation has created 92 jobs. The key advantage of the plant’s location is that this district has a sufficient raw material base to provide the production with uninterrupted supplies. East Kazakhstan region has the largest number of land under cultivation of sunflower seeds, enabling to occupy from 85% to 100% in the processing structure.

The main raw materials to meet the needs of the oil extraction plant are produced in Shemonaikha, Glubokoe, Ziryan, Samar and Ulan districts of East Kazakhstan region, as well as in the Altai Territory of the Russian Federation. The processing capacity of raw materials is 1400 tons per day of sunflower seeds.

One more important factor in choosing the location of the plant is about the close proximity to the largest elevator complex in the region, owned by Sei-Nar Group of Companies, which, in turn, will provide the new plant with services for the acceptance, processing, storage of raw materials, as well as producing up to 200,000 tons of oil per year.

The primary equipment of the plant was made in Bulgaria, Turkey, Germany, Holland and Ukraine. In the global market of the oil and fat production, the use of modern technologies in the production of vegetable oil is a key factor in increasing the margin of the project, enabling to compete for raw materials and the sales market. The project fully meets the national and international technological and environmental production standards. Moreover, it is completely waste-free and provides for high automation of the vegetable oil production process.

The entire process chain will be fully automated, from the receipt of raw materials, the production process, and ending with the dispatch of finished products.

The plant's products will be exported to China, Iran, Uzbekistan and other countries.

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