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The climate is extremely continental. The absolute maximum temperature reaches +40 degrees, an absolute minimum -48 degrees. The northern and southern winds are predominant reaching 25-30 m/s, the depth of the earth freezing is 220 mm, the snow layer measures 115 mm, average annual rainfall of 780 mm. The maximum amount of precipitation is 795 mm.

uba-river fountain



Shemonaevskoe village, named after the first inhabitant, was founded in 1766 on the bank of the Uba River. Development of the mining industry on Rudny Altai contributed to the growth of the population.

Shemonaevskoe stood on the crossing of three post paths, its major sights were a stone church, school, post, telegraph, Township board, hospital, shops.

A process of agricultural collectivization started after forming Shemonaikha district in 1928. 3 collective farms were formed in Shemonaikha.

Great Domestic War slowed the development of Shemonaikha for a long time.

To the beginning of 1950 the agriculture continue to be a priority, the volume of production of industrial enterprises made up only 6,3 %.  

In 1964 the industrial development of Nikolayev career under which huge public funds precipitated out has begun.


The territory of the district occupies 4 thousand square km.

The district has 11 territorial administrative units, including 8 rural districts, 2 village districts and 1 town district.

The administrative centre is Shemonaikha town.


The district borders on the Altai Krai and the Republic of Altai of the Russian Federation, Borodulikha and Glubokoe district, Ridder town. The distance from the district centre to:

Ust-Kamenogorsk - 110 km,

Semey - 140 km,

Astana - 1100 km,

Almaty - 1060 km.


The population of the district as of December 1, 2017 totals 44,349 people, including: men – 21,243 (47,9%), women – 23,106 (52,1%).

The working population – 23,554 persons. The number of registered unemployed makes up 131 persons, 1257 persons of unemployed are employed or 78,5% of all job seekers.

The overall number of employees of all employed - 9,196 persons, including in:

Agriculture – 866 persons,

Industry – 3 654 persons,

Transport and warehousing – 550 persons,

Accommodation and catering services – 1 persons,

Financial and insurance activities – 4 persons,

Transactions with real estate – 2 persons,

Professional, scientific and technical activities – 5 persons,

Public administration and defence; compulsory social insurance – 963 persons,

Education – 1924 persons,

Health protection and social services – 1126 persons,

Art, entertainment and leisure – 49 persons,

Rendering other services – 52 persons.


Housing construction

60-apartment house has been under construction in Shemonaikha town since 2017, the project will be completed in 2018.

Water supply

Availability of the centralized water supply is 95,3 %.

Ak Bulak Program is being implemented in the Republic to increase the people’s access to the centralized water supply. During the implementation of the program (2014-2017) the availability of the centralized water of the population of the district increased by 1,3 %, and made up 95,3 % as of January 1, 2018. Three water pipe-lines have been constructed in the district since 2014 (in Barashki village, Konevka village, Novo-Ilyinka village), to the sum of KZT 454,464 million.

In 2017 the funds were allocated to implement 2 projects on construction of water pipe-lines: in Krasnaya Shemonaikha settlement, Rulikha settlement.

There are 3 operating organizations, including: private one (“Vostokenergo” Ltd) and 2 municipal enterprises (“Pervomayski vodokanal” Ltd and “Shemonaikhinski vodokanal” Ltd).


Shemonaikha district has an extensive road network providing a year-round contact with all settlements.

The total length of the road network of the district is 798 km., in particular 68 km. of highways of republican importance, 114 km. of roads of regional importance, 119 km of roads of district importance and 497 km of street and road networks of settlements of the district.

In 2017 a significant amount of work was done to repair roadbeds of highways. Problem road sections were under repair: average repair of 72-87 km of the highway “Dmitriyevka-Borodulikha-Shemonaikha”. 80-97 km, 96-102 km, 105-113 km, 113-121 km of the highway of republican importance “Ust-Kamenogorsk - Shemonaikha - Border of the Russian Federation”. Due to changing of the design estimate documentation and after the decision of the court on extending the implementation of the works, in 2018 implementation of the project on major overhaul of the road section - 121-123 km will be continued with broadening of the roadway of the above stated highway.

Within the framework of the summer road maintenance the district carried out the operating patching repair of 12285 sq.m., colored roadsides of roads from weed vegetation, cleared bushes on roadsides, profiled gravel roads, changed worn-out and installed 233 new informative road signs.

Street and road network:

Within the framework of transport infrastructure improvement Shemonaiha district carried out the average repair of:

160 m of Krepa St.,

440 m of Povstancheskaya St.,   

160 m of Proletarian St.,

1,1 km of Uritsky St.,

700 m of the section of Stroitelnaya St., (from Uritsky St., up to Verbitsky St.,).

500 m of Chkalov St., (from Astafyev St., up to Vokzalnaya St.,).

320 m of Chkalov St., (from street Astafeva up to street Soviet) extent.

500 m of the section from Chkalov St., up to Astafyev St.

Patching repair of 2213 sq.m. was carried out in the following streets: Zhukov St., International St., Ukrainian St., Astafyev St., Povstancheskaya St., Verbitsky St., Chapayev St.

Plans for 2018

9 budget calls concerning Street and road network of settlements are directed to PI “Transport and Highways Administration of East Kazakhstan region” to get the branch conclusions and to carry out works under the program “Overhaul and average repair of motorways of district importance and streets of settlements”:

Motorways “Approach to Zevakino settlement”, “Approach to Ubinka settlement”, 3 streets in Vydrikha settlement, 2 streets in Verkh-Uba settlement, 2 streets in Pervomayski settlement. 


The key economic branch of the district is the agriculture.

The agricultural output for 11 months 2017 made up KZT 25,4 billion,  the index of actual volume made up 105 %, including animal breeding - KZT 7,8 billion or 97,9 %, plant growing - KZT 17,5 billion or 108 %.

The beekeeping is developing in the district too. 7 individual entrepreneurs dealing with beekeeping have got the status of breeders. The district has 16 artificial insemination stations, 13 dairy farms, 3 slaughter stations. 7 agricultural co-operatives are created; including 3 ones with a dairy direction, one cooperative with a crop-growing direction, one cooperative deals with fattening, one cooperative deals with beekeeping development, one cooperative plants fruit and vegetable products (potato cultivation).

316 agricultural organizations of the district are engaged in crop production, including 269 farms, 45 limited liability companies, 1 partnership in commendam, 1 production cooperative.

Agricultural organizations are basically engaged in cultivation of crops, but sunflower is of priority too, due to its economic efficiency.

There are two seed-production farms in the district: “Kamyshinskoe” farm, “Kamyshinskoe-2” farm which are engaged in production and realization of seeds of I, II, III reproductions.

“Irtysh-Tanur” Ltd, “Kozybayev M.A.” farm, “Novoilyinskoe” Ltd are engaged in cultivation of potato on the irrigated areas of the district.

Land resources

Lands of agricultural purposes - 230163 hectares

Lands of settlements - 37685 hectares

Lands of industries - 5106 hectares

Lands of the water fund - 6527 hectares

Lands of the stock - 12035 hectares

Lands used by Shemonaikha town - 4766 hectares

Labour recourses

The number of citizens with low income as of 1 January 2018 made up 650 persons. As at 1 January 2018 the number of officially registered unemployed made up 131 persons that 0,5 per cent below the level of 2016 (190 persons). It is created 311 jobs for this period that 2,2 per cent below the level of 2016 (318 jobs).

The number of addressees of targeted social assistance as of 1 January 2018 made up 31 persons (family members 101 persons), the number of addressees of the housing assistance made up 567 persons, child support grant - 38 persons (family members 91 persons).

To provide employment of the population the district implements activities within the Productive Employment and Mass Business Development Program and as of 1 January 2018:

85 persons, including 31 young people, comparing with the plan of 30 persons are directed to social jobs;

67 persons comparing with the plan of 30 persons are directed to the youth practice;

246 persons, including 158 young people, comparing with the plan of 228 persons are directed to 3-month retraining courses.

Within the framework of the Territory Development Program:

– 2 persons are directed to social jobs;

– 3 persons are directed to the youth practice;

392 persons participated in public paid jobs. 20 persons comparing with the plan of 20 persons are directed to the professional improvement course as tractor operator. 
For today Shemonaikha district needs for:

- In the area of education (tutors, teachers) – 79 persons;

- In the area of health care - 25 persons.


KGU “Shemonaikha College” trains 249 students. In the following specialities:

- Farming - 110;

- Welding - 52;

- Electromechanical equipment in the industry - 22;

- Technical service, repair and operation of motor transport - 16;

- Technical service, repair and operation of motor transport - 23;

- Construction and operation of facilities - 25.



As of December 1, 2017 the volume of investments into the fixed capital made up KZT 13245,1  million. Index of actual volume of investments accounted for 99,2 %. Volume of investments for development of the industry of the district made up KZT 9881,1 million, including the mining industry made up KZT 8767,1 million, the processing industry - KZT 5,7 million. The volume of building and construction works made up KZT 7194,8 million. A share of outward investments amounted to KZT 8675,9 million or 65,5 %.

For development of the mechanical engineering within the framework of the Industrialization Card the town is implementing the project “Organization of trailer and semitrailer manufacturing Plant for vehicles”. The initiator is Commercial production organization “Vostok Avtoprom” Ltd. The total cost of the project is KZT 180 million. The project’s designed capacity is up to 600 trailers per year. Now documents for the land plot are under preparation. The period of implementation of the project is 2018 -2020.

The following investment projects were implemented with the purpose to increase in indexes of actual volume of the agriculture, including development of dairy production:

1. “Kamyshinskoe” farm due to own funds to the amount of KZT 450,0 million completed the reconstruction of the dairy-commodity farm for 360 heads. It was put into service on October 20, 2017. Due to reconstruction of the dairy commodity farm they have increased the number of calving females in 100 heads and produced 9308 tons of milk.

2. In 2017 the district planned to open two milk receiving stations according to the project “Plan of increase in volumes of milk purchase at the population due to opening of additional milk receiving stations (MRS)”:

In April, 2017 IE “Miller V.А.” opened a MRS in Volchanka rural district, in October, 2017 IE “Frik” opened a MRS in the Babylon rural district in Gorkunovo village, head - Frik Alexander Yakovlevich.

3. According to the available plan-task on performing the indicative indicators of the State Program of Agrarian and Industrial Complex Development for 2017 - 2021 concerning creation of pilot agricultural co-operatives, the plan of creation of two agricultural co-operatives of a dairy direction approved by Akim of East Kazakhstan region was brought to the attention of the district.

Seven agricultural cooperatives were formed in the district in 2017, including three ones of a dairy direction, one of a meat direction, one of a crop-growing direction, one of a beekeeping direction and one of a fruit-and-vegetable production direction.

In 2017 SEC “Tumar”  due to funds of “FFPSH” JSC bought a tractor MTZ-82 at the cost of KZT 8,0 million. SEC “Cooperative “FARAMURAZ RUSLAN” due to funds of “FFPSH” JSC in December bought a milk receiving module and a milk tanker made by UMK at the cost of KZT 12 million.


For today Shemonaikha district needs:

- In the area of education (tutors, teachers) – 89 persons;

- In the area of health care - 29 persons.


The tourist potential of the district is characterized by availability of natural and recreational resources. The district has the big natural potential for development of such kinds of tourism, as boating, hiking, camping, climbing, horse tourism, sports fishing. For example, tourist club “Extreme” successfully functions in the district, it can involve about 100 persons a year: they are students of educational institutions, inhabitants of the district, the region.

To increase attractiveness of the tourist image, the district promotes the tourism through mass-media, issuing of advertising-information production, creation of videoclips, carrying out of annual district contests on tourism, festivals of video and photo works within the limits of actions, dedicated to celebrating of the International Tourism Day, seminars on development of tourism «Live, spring, live».