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First PPP Investment Forum held in Nur-Sultan

How to attract foreign investment in small towns and villages? What are the risks of participating in government projects? These and many other issues are being discussed today at the first Investment Forum of Public-Private Partnership in the capital, a correspondent of Khabar 24 reports.

Elena Ustimovich, a correspondent:

- By this time, dozens of investors have already arrived at the event. These are current investors, as well as potential ones. All of them intend to discuss today the details of the new Public-Private Partnership System. It is relatively new for our country, and therefore a lot of work remains to be done in order to act clearly and harmoniously. The day before, the Head of State, while being in Almaty, focused on the fact that no one project in education and healthcare were implemented through the PPP system. While other regions successfully solves the problem of the lack of social facilities by attracting entrepreneurs. Schools, kindergartens, mini-centers, outpatient clinics have been built, feldsher-midwife centers are opening in the village and many others.

Public-Private Partnership Forum today is an open dialogue platform for representatives of the private and public sectors. It is planned that here today entrepreneurs will receive answers to many questions they are interested in. For example, experts will tell you where to find financing for socially important and large-scale projects, how to attract foreign investment in small towns and villages, what are the risks of participating in government projects. Famous speakers will share international visions and practices.