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AIFC representatives held meetings in 6 cities of Kazakhstan

Profitability, guarantee and risks are the key issues of interest of Kazakhstanis who are ready to invest in securities. These and other topics were discussed at the International Investor Week, as part of which representatives of the Astana International Financial Center held meetings in 6 cities of Kazakhstan, a correspondent of Khabar 24 reports.

Семинары и лекции ведущих экспертов в сфере финансовой грамотности и инвестиционной культуры посетили полторы тысячи человек. В том числе студенты и преподаватели вузов, а 

Workshops and lectures of leading experts in the area of financial literacy and investment culture were attended by 1,500 people. Including students and university professors, as well as students of the Presidential Academy of Public Administration.

 Mukhtar Bubeyev, acting AIFC Director General for Financial Services Regulation:

- We see that there is great interest from the side of the consumers as well as from the business community to the opportunities provided by the AIFC. And also what securities can be placed here or what can be invested in. Additionally, how the interests of investors and issuers are protected. Already 80 regulators around the world are conducting such events in their jurisdictions. We, as the AIFC, believe that consumer protection is an important topic and a priority for us. We will try to carry out such events further.

Nikolay Lee, a resident of Nur-Sultan:

- I'm interested in listening, firstly, about investing. I am looking for investment for my small project. I have a project related to animals. This is an online marketplace designed for owners of domestic or farm animals. Here, in the CIS, I mean, the investment sphere is not so developed. At such events, you don’t learn just theories, but specific things, meet new people. This is very useful.