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Kazakh Invest launching its activities in the USA

The National Company Kazakh Invest is launching its activities in the United States, a correspondent of Khabar 24 reports.

One of its main tasks is high-quality support of foreign investors interested in developing their business in Kazakhstan, providing comprehensive assistance in solving administrative, legal and technical issues in organizing the work.

Meeting with the American business community, the representative of Kazakh Invest in the United States, Daulet Saudabayev, informs about the complex measures taken to modernize our economy, improve investment and tax policies, as well as production and transport infrastructure.

Establishing the Coordination Council chaired by the Prime Minister of Kazakhstan in order to provide an opportunity to directly discussing all the issues related to the implementation of investment projects at the highest level, as he notes, is additional measures to boost  foreign investors’ confidence.

Daulet Saudabayev, the representative of Kazakh Invest in the United States:

 - Thanks to our First President - Elbasy, the best investors have already entered Kazakhstan since the beginning of independence. An example of this is the Chevron Company that has been working with us for a long time. Why does it work? Because it believes that Kazakhstan today is one of the most stable sites in the region. And we should develop this platform further. In due course it was very difficult, because all the institutions were only about to start the journey. Today we already have a stable, large and strong economy. In this regard, investors are not really looking at certain positions, but how comfortable they can do their business in Kazakhstan. In this respect, our company Kazakh Invest together with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the AIFC does its best that investors feel comfortable in our country.

 Authors: Maira Abdrakhmanova, Renat Sadyrov