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Largest French companies familiarized with Kazakhstan market

Innovative French companies familiarized with Kazakhstan market.

Bilateral Business-Forum on the Digitalization and Alternative Energy Partnership took place with the support of our Embassy in France. The heads of France and Kazakhstan have identified these sectors as priorities in terms of cooperation.

The elite of innovative productions of France were presented today in this hall. Representatives of 60 largest companies in the sphere of digital technologies and green energy are participating in French-Kazakhstan Business-Forum in order to learn more about the unfamiliar market and, probably, to enter it as players.

The main objective of this forum organized by the Kazakhstan party is to promote economic relations. Heads of Kazakh Invest and Astana International Financial Center talk about the reason why it is important to invest in our country. The set of privileges and preferences impressed the French businessmen. And even those who already has joint projects with Kazakhstan, are considering of their expanding.

Ivan Truyo, Director General of ECM Greentech:

 - We already have a good impression about Kazakhstan owing to our experience during several years as we have a subsidiary in Kazakhstan. There is a good image of your country because we know its industrial value and simplicity of doing business. Such forums are extremely interesting, because we see the whole panel of different kinds of industries that are developing together with the country.   

Isabel Kozon, Senior Vice-President of IDEMIA:

- Having successful examples is a good way to advance Kazakhstan in the global space. We’re working in the sector of innovations. And through it we also can participate in the creation of Kazakhstan’s image in the outside world.

Christophe Rossi, the President of CNCR Group:

- There are plans to participate in the digital evolution of Kazakhstan with those products which we have developed, and also we wish to find local partners to develop our company as well as our decisions. There are also plans in connection with DATA about placing it in Kazakhstan for storage and archiving of data.   

France is one of the main investors for Kazakhstan. Direct investment of companies from this country in the domestic economy for years of partnership accounted for 33 billion Euros. Kazakhstan is interesting, first of all, for its comfortable investment climate and an opportunity of access to the markets of Central Asia and the Eurasian Union.

Zhan Galiyev, Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of the Republic of Kazakhstan in France:

- Real prospects of Kazakhstan-French cooperation were discussed. We noted the great interest from the French who learn more and more about Kazakhstan. Participants from the Kazakhstan party in their presentations showed a detailed picture of doing business in Kazakhstan that gave French investors confidence to work in Kazakhstan.

The forum has started yielding the first results after several hours. Large producers of the information systems and solar panels signed memorandums of cooperation with Kazakhstan colleagues. And the French leader declared about the approved decision to invest in our economy.

 Authors: Aliya Syzdykova, Bekkhan Tepsayev