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Kazakhstan-Turkey Business-Forum held in Istanbul

The investment climate of Kazakhstan and the country’s tax system is attractive to businessmen of Turkey. Such an opinion was announced by investors during Kazakhstan-Turkey Business-Forum, held in Istanbul, a correspondent of Khabar 24 informs.

Potential investors were provided with information on the country’s investment climate, last changes in the legislation and the possibilities offered to foreign businessmen.  

Erlan Khairov, the Chairman of Investment Committee of the Ministry for Investment and Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan:

 - The volume of Kazakhstan’s investment in Turkey is USD1 billion. It is mostly the sector of services, production of textiles and machines. For today, more than 1900 Turkish enterprises successfully work in our country.

Mert Sary, the Chairman of the Board of the Turkey-Kazakhstan Business Council:

- Kazakhstan is a leader of Central Asia. The country has many possibilities in many sectors, in particular, in agriculture, chemical and mining industry. Besides, through Kazakhstan it is possible to enter the 180-million market of neighbouring countries. Now, for example, Turkish businessmen intend to invest in the mining sector of Kazakhstan.