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The World Bank is ready to invest in livestock sector of Kazakhstan

The World Bank is ready to invest almost USD 500 million in the development of livestock sector of Kazakhstan.

 That was announced by Permanent Representative of the Bank in Kazakhstan Ato Brown who participated in the meeting concerning development of the agrarian and industrial complex in the Government. He stressed the importance of developing the traditional livestock sectors: beef cattle breeding and sheep breeding while there is a big market for meat consumption in China and Russia. Experts of the World Bank also shared their experience for establishing the system of traceability of cattle-breeding products to increase the export potential.

According to the Minister of Agriculture Umirzak Shukeyev, our country has been working towards establishing viable cooperation with the largest international companies in this sector. The Chinese businessmen are already interested in joint work, partnership with the World Bank is attractive for domestic farmers and landowners.

Umirzak Shukeyev, the Minister of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan:

 - If the group of the World Bank prompted us, invited us, we could have a talk here and invite large producers here. It is of highest importance that they pick up all this meat, provide with it on their own and it should be of the highest quality, they will set standards, we will meet them. And do everything this way. This all will be implemented together with you. 

Источник: http://24.kz/ru/news/economyc/item/269237-vsemirnyj-bank-gotov-investirovat-v-zhivotnovodstvo-kazakhstana
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