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Ziryan district is located in the north-east of Rudny Altai, the border areas shares with the Republic of Rudny Altai (Russia), Katon-Karagay district, Kokpekty district, Gluboky district. 

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Bystrushensky spire is the highest point of the district. The relief of Ziryan district is divided into two parts: high altitudes, occupying the north and north-east parts and lowlands, occupying the south-west part which consists of wide valleys. Settlements are basically located in such valleys. 


In 1947 by the Decree of Elizabeth all demidovski mines and plants were considered to be her personal property. Zmeinogorski mine was one of the richest ones, but that very deposit was running out. As for Bukhtarminskaya valley it was lying unexplored.

In 1791 from Ust-Kamenogorskaya fortress usual bergaiyers brigade set out to the Bukhtarminski mine. Grigiry Grigoriyevich Ziryanov, a discoverer of Ziryanovski deposit, was among them.
There were a lot of deposit discoveries afterwards. In 1818 not far from Kondratyevo settlement Ivan Zavodin discovered one more deposit. That deposit is the only one on the territory of the former USSR that has silver and lead tellurium. At the beginning of the XIX century Ziryanovski mine became a large silver ore mining center and was known in Russia as well as abroad.


Ziryan district spreads over a territory of 1 056 096 hectares that makes up 3,7 % of the area of the region. two towns are located in the territory of Ziryan district: Ziryan and Serebryansk; 4 settlements: Pribrezhny, Zubovsk, New Buhtarma; 9 rural districts: Maleyevski, Severny, Sredigorny, Chapayevski, Paryginski, Nikolski, Solovyevski, Pervorossiyski, Turgusunski.


Ziryan district is located in the northeast part of East Kazakhstan region, occupies an area of 1 056 096 hectares, with the population of 74222 people. It borders on Russia in the east and has 104 kilometers of borders. In the north it borders on Glubokoe district, in the south and southwest on Ulan district, Katon-Karagai district of East Kazakhstan region and has 330 kilometers of borders with neighbouring districts.

The district centre is Ziryan town, located 164 kilometers from the regional centre - Ust-Kamenogorsk city.

The population

69 776 people live in Ziryan district as of April 1, 2016.

Ziryan town is the administrative centre of the district, 36 887 people live in it, 8739 people live in Serebryansk town, the rural population makes up 24 150 people.


The district has a relatively well developed social sector - a network of institutions of education, health care, culture, sports, financed due to funds of the local budget.
In the territory of the district there are 7 rural clubs, 7 centres of culture, including 6 public, 27 state libraries, among them 2 specialized libraries for blind and deaf. 151 sports construction, 3 child-youthful sports schools function in the district.


Industry is the basis of the district economy. The presence of minerals determines the industries direction. Mining is the basic industry. The main plant of this industry is Ziryanovski mining complex "Kazzink" JSC situated in Ziryan town. The large plant of Kazakhstan on cement production is "Buhtarma cement company" (Oktyabrsky settlement).
Light industry is represented by the following plants: "Ziryanovsk garment factory" Ltd., "Rassvet" Ltd., "Universal vector" Ltd. The products of these enterprises are special clothing, clothes for women and children.

Land resources

Lands of agricultural purposes - 222 957 hectares,

Lands of settlements - 65 075 hectares,
Lands of industry, transport, communication, for needs of space activity, defense, national safety and other not agricultural purposes - 3 143 hectares,
Lands of specially protected natural areas, lands of health improving, recreational and historical and cultural purposes - 32 188 hectares,
Lands of the forest fund - 563 114 hectares,
Lands of the water fund - 28 408 hectares,
Lands of the stock - 142 849 hectares.

Labour forces

Number of unemployed as of September 7, 2016 – 260 persons, including inhabitants of the countryside - 68 persons.
 From among the registered unemployed:
 - men – 109 persons,
 - women - 151 persons,
 - youth under 29 years of age - 84 persons, 

Personnel potential

Mineral processing - 10,
Mining - 18.

Medical sector - 184.

Technical services and repair of mining electromechanical equipment - 175,
Construction and upkeep of buildings and constructions - 78,
Mechanical services, repair and operation of motor transport - 85,
Preschool education and training - 149,
Office-work and archivistics - 3,
Management in trade - 77,
Computer science and software - 27.

Catering / Cook - 25,
Hairdressing and decorative cosmetics / hair stylist - 20,
Mechanical services, repair and service of automobile transport / automobile mechanic - 24,
Welding practice / electrical/gas welder - 25,
Plumbing / electrical engineering -42,
Technical operation of road-building machine/operator of bulldozer - 16,
Construction and operation of buildings and constructions/ house painter - 35,
Clothing manufacture and designing of clothes/tailor-20

Marketing on branches/sellers of food products - 23

Furniture industry / machine tool operator - 22

Tractor operator, operator of agricultural production - 65,
Cook - 25

Technician-mechanic - 8

Investment potential

The project “Reconstruction of cattle-breeding farm, increase in livestock up to 2000 heads of great cattle” is planned to include in the Industrialization Card in 2016. The sum of the project is 150,0 million tenge. During construction - 15-20 persons, during operation - 17 persons. In the first quarter 2017 it is planned to include in the card the project “Reconstruction and modernization of concrete products plant”, the initiator of the project “KTB Vostok” Ltd (Kuanbayev K.S.), cost of the project is 100 million tenge, creating 150 new jobs, assortment of production: concrete products, sleepers, floor slab panels, cellular floors, etc.  

Need for personnel resources

Tutor, driver, yard keeper, plumber, teacher of physics, master of industrial training, operator of sewing equipment, bookkeeper, electrical engineer on installation and operation of electric meters, cook, loader, barman, manager, waiter, conductor, electrical/gas welder.

Tourist potential

“West-Altai State Natural Reserve” is located in the territory of the district. The reserve works to preserve and study in the natural state development of the natural processes, typical and unique ecological systems, biological diversification and genetical fund of flora and fauna.

Buhtarma water basin with many resorts, rest houses, sanatoria is located in the territory of the district too. In all, there are 122 resorts, 5 rest homes, 2 summer health improving camps, 2 boarding houses, 1 sports complex in the district.