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Zaisan district covers the southeast part of the territory of East Kazakhstan region. It borders on the People’s Republic of China to the south and east, on Tarbagatai district to the west. Its territory borders with the Black Irtysh and Buhtarma water basin to the north. The most part of the district is located in Zaisan and Chiliktin Valleys which represent an extensive intermountain deflection. Less than half the territory of the district has mountainous character. Mountains occupy less than a half of the territory, they spread over the southern part of the district with ranges Sauyr and Manrak.

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Official data indicates that Zaisan town was named in 1864-1868. The first stone of Zaisan was laid in 1864 when the most part of the territory of the district was belonged to Russia. The fortress had gained high importance with wool, skins, forests and other raw material exporting across Zaisan customs post from Kazakhstan to China, Tibet, Xinjiang and importing fabrics, garments and handmade products.

Zaisan town developed rapidly due to its convenient position for domestic and foreign trade. Such enterprises, as soap factories, brewery, brick factories, skin and wool processing factories started to open which had the important local value.

By the end of 19 century, Zaisan became known as a merchant town. Such well known poets as Sultanmakhmut Toraigyrov, Asset Naimanbaiuly, Nogaibayev worked in the town which became a big cultural centre.  

There were two big tanning factories in the town. Funtikov’s brick factory functioned, mills located along Zhemeneika provided the town with flour. Dobrazhanski’s brewery provided not only the district with the Bavarian beer, but also it was exported to frontier areas. Two soap factories were in the town; the imported iron ore processing plant worked which production was exported to China, Tibet and Mongolia. 


The area of the district - 1044424 hectares.


The district borders on Tarbagatai district, Kurchum district, the People’s Republic of China.

The Administrative centre is Zaisan town.
Zaisan town is located:                                                                                                   

- 450 km - from Ust-Kamenogorsk,                                                                    

 - 378 km - from the nearest railway station

- Zhangiztobe.


The population as at January 1, 2018 totals 37,147 people. Population density is 3,57 persons per 1 sq.km.


There are 27 schools in Zaisan district, including: 17 secondary schools, 8 basic schools, 2 primary schools.

The number of students is 6332, teachers - 930.                

13 kindergartens, including:                                                                               

- 5 kindergartens in rural areas,

- 8 kindergartens in the town,                                                                                               

- 7 state kindergartens,                                                                                            

- 5 private kindergartens,                                                                                                  

- 1 subordinated.

1042 children are brought up.                               

Health-improving center «Baiterek» is located in Sarterek village, Zaisan district.


The basic branch of the economy is the agriculture. Agricultural organizations are engaged in irrigated cropping and dry land farming, breeding of livestock, birds, maral breeding.

As of 1 December 2017 the volume of industrial output accounted for KZT9035,3 million, the index of actual volume is 103,6 %, including the mining industry and quarrying is KZT8109,9 million, the index is 103,1 %, the processing industry is KZT497,7 million, the index is 164,8 %, the food-processing industry is KZT288,3 million, the index is 184,4 %.
In structure of the industry of the district:                                                                     

The mining industry makes up 81 %,                                    

The processing industry accounts for 11,0 of %,                                                  

The production and distribution of electrical energy, water is 8 %.

The mining industry of the district is represented by the enterprise “Saikan” Ltd dealing with the coal production since 2011.
“Tarbagatai Munai” Ltd is engaged in exploration activities in oil and natural gas fields. Saikan” Ltd provides with solid fuel all budgetary institutions and the population of the district.       

“SMU-Shygys” Ltd is engaged in production of building materials. The enterprise produces tiles, slabs, bricks and similar products of cement, concrete or artificial stone.
Small enterprises, farms and individual businessmen participate in production of foodstuff, including drinks. 


Lands of agricultural purposes - 837,1 thous. hectares,                                   

Industries - 3,5 thous. hectares,                                                

Lands of the stock - 341,326 thous. hectares.


The number of the registered unemployed is 617 persons;

Of the total number of registered unemployed population: 228 are men, 389 women, youth aged from 16 up to 29 - 250 persons.


In KGU “Zaisan technical college” instruction is given for 231 students in the following specialities:
- tractor operator- machinist of agricultural production - 60,                  

- gas and electrical welder - 31,                                                                   

- cook - 31,                                                                                                   

- veterinary attendant - 32,                                                                 

- stockkeeper - 23

- plasterer – 18,

- electrician – 36. 


2 projects of Zaisan district are included in the Business Support Map:

The project: “Construction of transport and logistics center of customs crossing point “Maikapchagai” in Zaisan district of “Eurotransit Terminal” Ltd .Cost of the project is KZT 6 billion 149 million, years of implementation - 2017-2020. 20 hectares of the land plot have been allocated for today; technical specifications for electric energy, water, and telecommunication are available. 

The second project, is the project “Opening of mini meat-processing plant” of Nur farm. Cost of the project is KZT150 million. The certificate of commissioning was issued on June 20, 2017, the project has been launched. In 2017 the number of slaughter cattle made up 376 heads of great cattle, 298 heads of small cattle, 45 heads of horses. Achieving the full capacity, the number of slaughter cattle will make 2 200 heads of great cattle and horses per year or 330 tons of meat and meat products. Within the framework of the program “Business road map 2020” credits were obtained by: IE “Spambetova S.M.” for the project “Shop Repair” worth KZT13million, “Keruen Shygys” Ltd for the project “Purchase of buses” worth KZT46 million, IE “Kelgenbayev” for the project “Purchase of the bus for human transportation along the route “Zaisan – Zhemenei” (People’s Republic of China)- Zaisan” worth KZT45 million, IE “Ramazanov D.” for the project “Purchase of commercial real estate” - KZT29 million.


Russian language teacher – 2

Mathematics teacher – 1

Forester – 1

Defectologist – 1


Zaisan district has great potential for development of cultural-cognitive tourism: in the district there are 36 monuments of history and culture, including: 10 architectural and 26 archeological ones.

Key places of tourist interest are:

- Aika farm renders the hunting services for tourists;     

- Health-improvement complex “Baiterek” for winter rest provides excellent conditions for playing active sports (skates, skis, ride snowmobiles). In summer it is planned to organize horse riding, hiking.        

- Rest on the Zaisan Lake (the clearest water, marvellous beach, fishing, riding on catamarans, walk through the lake).

In connection with that, the district borders on the People's Republic of China, the commercial tourism develops as well which is based on shop tours across Maikapchagai customs post.