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The district has diverse environmental conditions. Mountain and submontane zones, which are more humid in the submontane zones, cover the northern and western parts of the district; the central part is covered with hills and flat valleys between hills which are more arid part of the district.

victory Park storage reservoir
The south-eastern part of the district comes close to Zaisan hollow. The distance from the regional centre is 210 km. The nearest settlement is located 4 km. from the district centre, the most distant settlement is 175 km from the district centre.


The land of Kokpekty district has rich history.
During old times at the bottom of Tolagai mountain Abylai Khan gathered in his tent the Council where such well-known batyrs as Kabanbai and Raiynbek participated. Semyenov-Tyan-Shansky and Shokan Ualikhanov visited this sacred land. Having got acquainted with the history of the district, you can find out, that battles and fights took place here. Oguzy once swept from the Irtysh up to Cheese, with kimako-kipchak tribes followed their footsteps up to the Kiev Russia. 


The area of the district is 14575 thousand square km.
The administrative centre of the district is Kokpekty settlement.
The district has 17 rural districts.
 - Kokpekty;
 - Tassay;
 - Bigash;
 - Kokzhaiyk;
 - Ulgulimalshin;
 - Ulkenboken;
 - Aukhadiyev;
 - Terekty;
 - Shugylbai;
 - Belen;
 - Kulynzhon;
 - Bastaushy;
 - Marinogorsky;

- Mirolyubovski;

- Palatzy;

- Sarybel;

- Samar


The district borders on Ulan district in the north, Kurchum district to the east, Tarbagatai district to the south, Zharma district to the West. The distance from the district centre to:
Ust-Kamenogorsk - 202 km.,
Semey - 250 km.,
Astana - 1164 km.,
Almaty – 1100 km.


The population of the district as of 1 December 2017 totals 28,973 people.


There are 37 comprehensive schools, including 11 high schools, 21 secondary schools, 5 primary schools, and also Samara Agro-Technical College in the territory of Kokpekty district.


The mining industry of the district comprises the following enterprises “Satpayev Mining and Processing Plant” Ltd (“SMPP” Ltd) which is engaged in mining of metallic ores (manufacture of titanic iron ore concentrate), “DSU-14” Ltd is engaged in quarrying.

With a view to development of the mining industry, the second processing plant of “Satpayev Mining and Processing Plant” Ltd is expected to be built in the near future in Kokpekty district. The beginning of construction of the second processing plant is planned for 2019-2020. The planned capacity of the second plant will make up 25,000 tons of titanic iron ore concentrate per year. Construction of the second processing plant would increase the volume of output of titanic iron ore concentrate of the improved quality by 15000 tpy, lower its production costs due to reduction of transportation costs on delivery of raw material to the processing plant (the plant will be located 2 km away from the deposit).

“Kokpekty Zholdary” Ltd has implemented the project “Production of asphalt concrete mixes” in Kokpekty district. The complex includes:

  1. Asphalt factory with production of asphalt-concrete mixes of hot and cold types covering the needs of Kokpekty district in this very types of building material;
  2. Crushing department on production of gravel from building stone, necessary for industrial needs in production of asphalt-concrete mixes and further realization to other companies and the population. 

The processing industry is presented by the following enterprises:

1. Mambet farm is one of the largest enterprises which deals with processing of plant products (pearl, millet, flour, macaroni products, baking bakery and confectionery products, producing mixed fodder, vegetable oil); 

2. “Rybprom” Ltd deals with processing and canning of fish (fillet, bone flour). The enterprise has the following shops: primary processing, filleting, freezing, packaging and weighing shop, shop of warehousing of finished products, shop of bone flour processing, 3 refrigerating chambers - 500 cubic meters, 239 and 60 cubic meters, departmental laboratory


Lands for agricultural purposes - 630903;
Lands of settlements - 172686;
Lands for industry, transport, service, for needs of space activity, defense, national safety and other non-agricultural purposes - 3640;
Lands of specially protected natural areas, lands for health-improving, recreational and historical and cultural purposes - 13957;
Lands of the forest fund - 72874;
Lands of the water fund - 109133;
Lands of stock - 454343.


In 2017 Employed - 12621, own-account workers - 4698. The registered unemployed is 77 persons, including women - 26, men - 51, till 29 years - 28 persons, aged 50 and over - 12 persons.
Number of the employed population (hired workers) in various sectors:
- in industry - 31 persons,
 - in agriculture, forestry and fishery - 4950 persons,
 - construction - 310 persons,
 - trade, auto service and repair of products of house using - 601 persons, 
 - transport and communication - 165 persons,  
 - transactions with real estate, rent and services of enterprises - 117 persons, 
 - state enterprises - 357 persons, 
 - education - 1598 persons, 
 - health protection and social services - 586 persons, 
 - other municipal, social and personal services - 295 persons.


In 2017 in educational institution “Kokpekty district professional - technical educational centre of “Republican public association “Otan” trained  officially registered unemployed people in the specialties of:

- tractor operator – 10 persons,

- machinist of loader - 10 persons,
-  sanitarian-veterinarian – 11 persons,
- computer literacy training - 10 persons,

- drivers of “D”, “E” categories – 15 persons,

- automobile equipment serviceman 15 persons,

- gas and  electrical welder – 21 persons.

Graduates of Samara Agrarian and Technical College

- Tractor operator - machinist of agricultural production - 25 persons,
- Cook – 15 persons;

- Hairdresser – 15 persons.


The district has the list of investment projects which can have a positive influence on development of the economy of the district.  Development of projects will depend on crediting and refinancing within the framework of implementing the state programs “Business Road Map 2020”, “Employment 2020”. In prospects there is the further development of a trading network, public catering and sphere of services, enterprises of light and processing industries, tourist business.

The application of “Road-building administration No.14” Ltd worth KZT 30,0 million was considered and approved at the session of Regional Coordination Council from May 6, 2016, report No.05/53.

Two projects of the farm “Mambet”, report No.05/84 were considered at the session of Regional Coordination Council on November 30, 2016.  Purchase of the equipment “Feed mixing - feed dispenser machine”, “Granary with necessary equipment”, purchase of productive livestock (great/small cattle) worth KZT 70,0 million;

Replenishment of working capital “Petroleum, spare parts, coal” to the sum of KZT 20,0 million.

5 businessmen participated in the competition on awarding of grants under the Uniform Program “Business road map 2020”. According to consideration of the competitive commission, report No.04/61 from June 23, 2016, 2 businessmen were provided with grants:

IE Zhabekova Zh.B. under the project “Sewing shop tailoring of toys, other goods” to the sum of KZT 3,0 million.

The farm “Max Mara” under the project “Breeding of geese, production of goose meat and goods from goose feather”. In the amount of KZT 3,0 million.

As of 1 December 2017 the total number of registered subjects of small and medium business in Kokpekty district makes up 1887 units, including operating - 1633 units or 106,2 % by corresponding period of last year. (as of 1 December 2016 - 1538 operating units). Of the total number of operating subjects of small business:

- Legal entities - 141 units (8,6 %),

- Individual entrepreneurs - 734 units (44,9 %).

- Farms - 760 units (46,5 %).

Today 811 objects of small business provide services to the inhabitants of the district. They are public catering establishments, bakeries, drugstores, gas stations, shops, kiosks, trading markets and others. For stabilization of prices in 2017 akims of rural districts have concluded 137 memorandums on 10 % trading extra charges on socially significant food products.

This year 2 dairy production processing shops are opened in Kokpekty settlement in the farm “Kalikhanuly”, in Kokzhary settlement in SEC “Kokzhura-sut”. Arzan Shop is opened in Kokpekty settlement. 82 new jobs are created or 128,1 % by last year (2016 - 64 new jobs).


Within the framework of the state program of Innovative Industrial Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Kokpekty district is implementing the following projects:

1.  “Agricultural complex” Elim-ai Kokpekty” on the basis of “Elim-ai Kokpekty” Ltd.

The project has four directions:

1.  Creation of breeding farm (reproducer) for 2000 heads of great cattle, including breeding stock of 1000 heads,

2.  Development of fodder production,

3.  Construction of dry feed lot for 3000 heads,

4.  Meat processing complex with production of blocked meat and lumpy cuts in vacuum pack

One of founders of the Company is the farm “Elim-ai” that deals with great cattle breeding, and also fodder cropping for cattle. On the balance it has 102686 hectares of land plots of agricultural purpose, develops actively lands (more than 15,000 ha). Breeding sale since 2012 has made up over 1500 heads.

It is attracted KZT 1 billion 900 million of own and borrowed funds of Kazagrofinans JSC.

For today a breeding reproducer has been constructed, fodder production develops actively, that is the first two directions of the project are completed. For today the Company has 2797 heads of great cattle or 139,9 % of the designed capacity.

2. “Creation of farm on intensive complex high-value fishery species farming (sturgeon, salmon, whitefishes), crawfish, hothouse vegetable growing, and also production of mixed fodders and biohumus in the integrated system, tourism development “Kuzmich”. In the amount of KZT 70,0 million. The period of implementation is 2014-2018.

There is the preparation for participation in competition on fixing fishery reservoirs on granting additional sections in Buhtarma Reservoir for fishing fish. Natural Resources and Natural Management Regulation Administration will announce the competition.  

At the International investment forum “Altai Agro Invest 2015” the company Kuitun Tiandao Trade Co. Ltd and “Kuzmich” Ltd concluded the memorandum of mutual cooperation on implementation of the project “Production and realization of fresh-frozen fish and fish production” in Kokpekty district of East Kazakhstan region. Samara fish-processing shop was bought in June, 2016 and is a structural division of “Kuzmich” Ltd that is located in Kulynzhol settlement. The shop is organized for processing of fish and fish raw material fished in Buhtarma Reservoir. The plant has the following lines: scaling and gutting of fish; filleting of fish; washing and distributing; frosting; refrigerating chambers for storing of 250 tons of raw material. It is processed the following fish species: pike perch, perch, pike, ripus, bream, sazan, crucian carp, ide, roach, tench. The designed capacity of the enterprise provides processing of 4 tons of fish raw material per day. At present the shop works on presale preparations of fresh-frozen fish for export to China and Russian Federation. In 2016 “Kuzmich” Ltd has got the compressor-condenser equipment worth KZT 22 million, smoking-drying equipment from Russia St.-Petersburg worth KZT 1,5 million. On 29 June, 2017 “Kuzmich” Ltd delivered and installed the equipment (refrigerating equipment and equipment for fishing and processing of fish). The equipment has been delivered and purchased through the Kazakhstan firm of “Prom holod U-Ka” Ltd to the sum of KZT 2 653,700.

It has own fishing fleet:

Boat “Kazanka” - 1,

Boat “Progress” - 4,

Boat “Amur-M” (above 40 l/s) - 1,

Also has fishing gears, motor transport (refrigerator).

On 27 July 2016 “Kuzmich” Ltd received the registration number on inclusion of fish production in the register of importers of the People's Republic of China for delivery of fish production and further cooperation with the People's Republic of China. 

3. “Construction of second concentrating plant of Satpayev mining and enrichment plant at Satpayev deposit was considered and approved for inclusion in the Industrialization Card of East Kazakhstan region at the session of Regional Coordination Council on 21 August 2014, report No.1/15983. Design capacity of the second plant will make up 25 000 tons of titanic iron ore concentrate per year. Construction of the second concentrating plant would increase the volume of output of titanic iron ore concentrate of the improved quality in 15000 tpy, lower its production costs due to reduction of transportation costs on delivery of raw material to the concentrating plant (the plant will be located 2 km away from the deposit). The cost of the project is KZT 2570,0 million of own funds. For today the construction has not been started yet. In 2015 the contract was concluded with “Kazgipprozvetmet” Ltd on designing of construction of the second concentrating plant at Satpayev deposit of titanic iron ore sand. Now the coordination of technical standards on location of the basic concentrating equipment and support facilities and engineering networks of construction of the second concentrating plant of Satpayev mining and enrichment plant is completed. Designing is continued. Planned period of construction is in 2020. 


Kokpekty district has 2 culture centres, 29 rural clubs, 1 district library and 1 central library, 17 rural libraries.

In the territory of the district there are 19 monuments of history and culture of local importance, including 13 monuments of architecture, 6 monuments of archeology.

“Kokpekty district leisure center» needs for:

-«musician (bayan)» - 1,
- «musician (flute)» - 1,
- «musician (dombra)» - 1,
- «musician (Prima-kobyz)» - 1,
- «musician (Kyl kobyz)» - 1,
- «musician (Bass kobyz)» - 1,

-«musician (Sherter)» - 1


Kokpekty district creates necessary conditions for development of internal tourism. Zaisan Lake, Buhtarma Reservoir, Irtysh River, Kulundzhunsky Reserve, Pine Forest are available in the territory of the district. Expansion of the recreation zone of the coast of Buhtarma Reservoir is supposed to provide the growth in holidaymakers. In the territory of Sarybel rural district there are 4 resorts “Rubin”, “Buhtarma Lily”, “Cheremushki”, “Prostokvashino”. New sports grounds, tables for table tennis, an open reservoir for bathing, conditions for boating, sailing by catamarans, fishing are available there. All this will facilitate the tourism development. Summer health-improvement camps are available in the territory of Kokpekty district: “Kokpekty-Balausa-3” is located in Moiyldy settlement of Marinogorski rural district and “Kokpekty-Balausa-2” in Novostroika settlement of Sarybel rural district of Kokpekty district. Camps are of the health-improving direction due to the beautiful nature, fresh mountain air.

There is a maral breeding complex in the district with infrastructure for health-improvement and rest. In the territory of Dag Medical Center “Maralyenok” the farm “Vorsinka” constructed a new building for 12 beds, a dining room for 26 places with a billiard room and bar, a separately standing VIP-small house for 6 beds, a bath-house, a small resting room. The farm has over 1500 heads of marals (red deer). The Dag Medical Centre works during June-August serving 40-50 persons.

The district has such kinds of tourism as health resort, cultural-cognitive, beach, children's sport and health-improving.

With a view of rendering support to handicraftsmen and masters of the applied art, the district holds exhibitions-sales of souvenir production on markets and fairs, creative reports of subjects of the tourist industry of the district.
The district has 2 culture centres and 2 district libraries in Kokpekty and

Samara settlements, 27 rural libraries and 37 rural clubs.
There are 29 culture facilities in the territory of the district, including:
- 21 monuments to participants of the Great Patriotic War;
- 8 monuments to the 60-th anniversary of the Victory;
- A bust of the Hero of the Soviet Union Koigeldy Aukhadiyev;
- A monument to the soldier-internationalist A.Aslamov;
- A monument to the soldier-internationalist K.Buketov;
- 2 Memorials of Glory in memory of the compatriots killed in Afghanistan;
- An obelisk to the Hero of the Soviet Union Koigeldy Aukhadiyev;
- 2 Memorials of Glory to compatriots - Heroes of War and Work.
Kokpekty district has 21 local monuments. Including:
17 barrows, 3 petroglyphs, 1 burial ground.