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Defense plant to be restored in East Kazakhstan

East Kazakhstan region will restore the work of Serebryansk Plant of Nonorganic Production, a correspondent of Khabar 24 reports. Earlier, it used to be a unique strategic defense facility.

Until 1990, it produced filters for tanks and armored vehicles, battledress overgarment. The conveyor was serviced by over 2,000 workers. In the early 2000s, the plant was privately owned. Several management companies have changed, the new owners have closed 9 workshops.

In 2021, the enterprises returned to state property. One of the largest pharmaceutical companies of the country is interested in its privatization. Now the enterprise has resumed the production of protective outfit - respirators for Ulba Metallurgical Plant. By 2023, the complex will employ up to 130 new workers and get a new investor.

This was announced by the first leaders of the region at a meeting with the population of Altai district.

Danial Akhmetov, Akim of East Kazakhstan region:

- We are working hard to reanimate your plant. We will solve this problem. It will not be resolved in full immediately, but at least next year we will create 100-120 jobs at this plant.