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Companies of the Netherlands to invest KZT100 billion in agro-industrial complex of Kazakhstan

Agreements were signed on implementing the projects for planting potatoes production, greenhouses construction.

Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Askar Mamin held talks with the leadership of the leading agro-industrial companies of the Netherlands - world leaders in the production of greenhouses, agricultural equipment, seeds, biological plant protection, primeminister.kz reports.

The parties discussed the prospects of developing bilateral cooperation in the agricultural sector, including the introduction of cloud computing, artificial intelligence and other innovative technologies to develop greenhouse complexes, seed production and other sectors of agriculture in Kazakhstan.

Following the negotiations, representatives of Kazakh Invest NC JSC, National Agricultural Scientific and Educational Center NJSC, the Union of Potato and Vegetable Growers of Kazakhstan, Kazyna Capital Management JSC, as well as a set of Kazakhstani companies signed the agreements with Dutch Greenhouse Delta, Food Ventures, Rijk Zwaan, Solynta and Koppert Biological Systems, which concern the provision of implementing joint projects to develop fruit-and-vegetable production and to produce planting potato in Kazakhstan, biological plant protection products, to build greenhouse complexes in the Republic of Kazakhstan, a demonstration station and a high-tech research center in Turkestan region.

The total amount of investments in the economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan for these projects will exceed KZT100 billion. Their implementation will create new high-quality jobs in Kazakhstan, introduce advanced technologies and practices in the agricultural sector, as well as increase the level of food security and the export potential of Kazakhstan.

It’s worth noting that representatives of Dutch companies will visit Almaty, Aktobe, West Kazakhstan regions and Almaty city to discuss the details of the implementation of joint projects with the leadership of the regions and Kazakhstani partners.

The delegation of the Dutch business that arrived in Kazakhstan included the representatives of KUBO, Dutch Greenhouse Delta, Van der Hoeven Horticultural Projects, Certhon, Gakon, Koppert Biological Systems, Food Ventures, Hoogendoorn, Svensson, Priva, HVA International, Dalsem, Rijk Zwaan, etc.

Over 900 enterprises with the participation of Dutch capital operate in Kazakhstan, which are widely represented in the energy, machine-building, construction, transport, logistics and agro-industrial sectors of the economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The Netherlands, with its advanced technologies and efficient agricultural sector management techniques, is among leaders and is the second largest exporter of agricultural products in the world after the United States.