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Turkish investors intends to launch an enrichment plant in East Kazakhstan region

A chromite enrichment plant is to be built in East Kazakhstan region. The investor is the Turkish company Yilmaden Holding (a subsidiary of the Yildirim Group). The project is being implemented with the support of NC KAZAKH INVEST JSC.

Depending on the raw material potential of the region, which will be confirmed after the geologic exploration stage, YILMADEN is considering investing in modern metallurgical enterprises and processing of raw materials into a finished product with high added value at the local level.  

“The project for the construction of a chromite ore enrichment complex is a new opportunity to maintain and expand the existing production of chromite ore, concentrates and ferrochrome in the region. Investors plan to provide medium-term and long-term supplies of chrome ore both for their existing business and for new investment opportunities in the region, which will allow the company to become a local producer and exporter of ferrochrome,” - said the Regional Director of NC KAZAKH INVEST JSC in East Kazakhstan region Nartai Beisekov.

It is expected to start building this mining and processing complex for chromite processing which is estimated to last for 2 years, after a 3-year geologic exploration and preparation of the detailed feasibility study.

The minimum capacity of the ore processing complex is expected to be 300,000 tons. It is planned to create over 70 permanent jobs.

For reference: Yilmaden Holding is one of the leading high-quality high-carbon ferrochrome (HCFeCr) companies in the world. Today Yilmaden is the second largest producer of high quality high carbon ferrochrome and one of the largest producers of chrome ore in the world.

Yildirim Group is one of the largest Turkish industrial conglomerates active in industries such as metallurgy and mining, coal and charred coal, electricity production, fertilizers and chemicals.  

Moreover, Yildirim Group works in such areas as port management, logistics, shipping, industrial construction and real estate. Headquartered in Istanbul, the company employs over 12,000 people in 51 countries on four continents.