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Investment partnership of the USA, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan will benefit $1 billion


The Governments of Kazakhstan, the United States and Uzbekistan announced the creation of Central Asian Investment Partnership, Gazeta.uz posts.

As part of this initiative, the Ministry of Investment and Foreign Trade of Uzbekistan, the Astana International Financial Center and the US International Development Finance Corporation (DFC) will make their best to attract at least $1 billion over five years, the statement says.

The Central Asia Investment Partnership will promote private-sector-led projects “that meet international infrastructure quality standards and promote inclusive, transparent and sustainable investment,” the statement said.

In doing this, partners will maximize the success and positive impact of projects and mobilize additional private investment in the region.

The Central Asian Investment Partnership will operate on the C5 + 1 platform (Central Asian Countries - USA).

“This initiative will tend to take all the opportunities to increase trade, to develop and synergy to make every country in Central Asia stronger and more prosperous.

As the region wants to recover from the economic fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic, such cooperation and resilience is becoming more important than ever, ” the statement said.

In addition to supporting regional projects, DFC will continue to deepen its bilateral partnership in Central Asia by signing bilateral memorandums of understanding with the Ministry of Investment and Foreign Trade of Uzbekistan and the Astana International Financial Center.