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The investment opportunities of the Republic of Kazakhstan presented to Chinese business community

Beijing hosted the conference organized by the Representative Office of KAZAKH INVEST JSC in the PRC jointly with PWC Kazakhstan and PWC China, with the support of the Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the PRC. The conference presented the investment potential of the Republic of Kazakhstan to more than 30 Chinese companies - clients of PWC, running active international activities. During the event, the Chinese companies got familiar with the investment potential of Kazakhstan agriculture, mining and metallurgical and transport and logistics sectors.

“The political and economic stability of the Republic is one of the foundations of the increased interest in investments in the agricultural sector of our country. The State Program for Agroindustrial Complex Development is being implemented providing state support for producers and processors of agricultural products. Kazakhstan provides ample opportunities for investing in the agricultural sector,” said Sabyr Saule, Deputy Director of Project Management Department of KAZAKH INVEST.

These areas include the production and processing of meat and milk, fruits and vegetables, including greenhouse vegetables, the processing of oilseeds and grain crops, as well as the production of organic products, which every year becomes more popular regionally and globally.

“After analyzing our advantages, we have identified several of the most promising areas in the industry, which are directly related to the substitution of imports and the development of exports of agricultural products of the Republic,” said Sabyr Saule, Deputy Director of Project Management Department of KAZAKH INVEST.

A project manager of KAZAKH INVEST Azizkhan Kudabekov spoke about the infrastructure industry and projects in this sector.

“Our country has high potential of infrastructure development due to the strategic geographic location. KAZAKH INVEST identified a list of specific infrastructure projects from the current portfolio that are relevant to Chinese business,” said Azizkhan Kudabekov.

The project manager of KAZAKH INVEST Tektigulova Dilyara spoke about the mining and metallurgical industry and projects in this area

“Today, the mining and metallurgical complex is focused on priority growth projects. We offer comfortable conditions to run business providing a complex package of state support measures for geological exploration, extraction and production of final products. It’s worth noting that the new Code on Subsoil and Subsoil Use is adopted to ensure the competitiveness of the conditions for subsoil use in Kazakhstan and serves as the basis for the discovery of new deposits,” Tektigulova Dilyara said.

In turn, PWC presented an overview of the tax policy of the Republic of Kazakhstan and legal issues related to the registration and activities of foreign legal entities.