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Kazakhstan adopted favorable tax preferences for investors

Kazakhstan adopted favorable tax preferences for investors. Now those who are ready to invest in the development of our economy for 10 years will be left free to pay corporate, income and land taxes, as well as property tax and VAT. The place of work of an investor, as well as the amount and terms of the invested funds will be taken into account, Khabar 24 reports.

These innovations, according to the senators, will open new production facilities. Investors will conclude a strategic investment agreement with the Government. It’s worth noting that the agreement does not include subsoil users and producers of excisable goods. In case of early termination of the investment agreement, the preferences are canceled.

They are also offered for mobile operators. This should help solve the problem with poor internet in villages. They intend to reduce the annual rate for the use of high frequency by 90 percent. But this is in case if entrepreneurs will use the saved money to equip localities with high-quality broadband Internet. In Kazakhstan, by the end of this year, residents of more than 4,000 villages should have access to the World Wide Web.