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Turkish investor intends to ensure the production of paper packaging for the Kazakhstan holding Aitas KZ

As part of business forum, New Areas of Development. Makinka, currently taking place in Akmola region, Memorandum of cooperation between Cukurova Paper and Packaging Group and Aitas KZ JSC was signed in terms of implementing a joint project on launching the full-cycle production of paper and packaging products.

The memorandum was signed with Aitas KZ JSC, the Management Company of the holding Aitas KZ which includes 11 enterprises in the field of crop research, production and processing of poultry meat, distribution, design and construction.

The Turkish investor is part of the Cukurova Holding AS group of companies - an industrial conglomerate represented in such areas as the automotive, chemical, textile, as well as telecommunications, construction industries, banking and insurance, media and IT. The company intends to implement a project for production of packaging materials from corrugated cardboard paper.

A foreign investor was attracted as a result of the joint efforts of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Embassy of Kazakhstan in the Republic of Turkey and NC KAZAKH INVEST JSC.

In turn, KAZAKH INVEST is ready to assist in supporting investors, at all stages, from the idea to the commissioning of the project. According to analysts of KAZAKH INVEST, the prospects for this cooperation have a positive outlook: the commissioning of a full-cycle Paper Packaging Production Line can be implemented as early as next year.