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KAZAKH INVEST presented Kazakhstan’s investment potential at the Second Congress of Honorary Consuls in Nur-Sultan

The SecondCongress of Honorary Consuls was organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Society of Honorary Consuls with support of KAZAKH INVEST, KAZENERGY Association and FICAC as part of KAZAKHSTAN ENERGY WEEK 2019 / XII KAZENERGY Eurasian Forum, hosted by KAZENERGY Association with support of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

On the first day of the congress, sessions were held on consular issues with the participation of the World Federation of Consuls “FICAC”. The second day of the congress was dedicated to the issues of Kazakhstan’s investment potential in priority sectors of the economy, whereby KAZAKH INVEST presented state support measures for foreign investors, as well as Kazakhstan’s investment potential.

“Kazakhstan offers a “soft infrastructure” for investors, including the establishment of systematic work for clarifying the Kazakhstan legislation and procedures, the transparency of decision-making, and reduced administrative burden. Our task is to create comfortable conditions for the work of foreign investors in Kazakhstan”, said Almas Agibayev, the Managing Director of NC KAZAKH INVEST JSC.

As you know, on August, 13 this year, the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan approved a new procedure for organizing the work with investors based on the single window principle as well as the new rules for cooperation procedures when attracting investments. The mechanism for working with investors is based on three levels: front offices of the external, central and regional levels. The external level of providing services to investors includes the foreign institutions of Kazakhstan, as well as foreign missions responsible for the implementation of the country's investment policy. KAZAKH INVEST was approved as the central front office for investor support. At the regional level, specialized front offices based on a single window principle will provide services to investors. Such offices will include specialists from local executive agencies, public service centers, Atameken, Damu, migration, customs and tax authorities, as well as monopolists, notaries and translators.