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KAZAKH INVEST is approved to be the central front office for investor support

The Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan has approved a new procedure for organizing the work of the central state agencies and local state agencies with investors by the principle of “one-stop shop”, as well as the rules for interaction when attracting investments. The mechanism for working with investors is built on three levels: front offices of the external, central and regional levels.

According to the document, the national operator KAZAKH INVEST became the main operator for investors. The national company has a number of functions in this area, including conducting official contacts and negotiations on behalf of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan, providing advice and presentations on the investment opportunities of the country, providing assistance in resolving issues arising in the course of investment activities, as well as interacting with investors and supporting investors to obtain public services, as well as other services provided by other organizations on the basis of “one-stop-shop”.

“There are situations when the procedures for obtaining certain public services are not always understood by foreign citizens. At present, “one-stop-shop” should not only be another form and method of attracting investments, but a different and completely new mechanism for working with investors. The principle of “one-stop shop” is designed to make the information available and procedures transparent in the country, to support investors at all stages of an investment project, to ensure all issues are addressed in a timely manner, a single point of contact between investors and the state. In general, “one-stop shop” provides investors not only with comfortable conditions for receiving public services, but also with accessible and transparent procedures, effective interaction with government agencies”, said Birzhan Kaneshev, Deputy Chairman of the Board of NC “KAZAKH INVEST” JSC.

By the way, the external level of providing services for investors will be foreign institutions of Kazakhstan, as well as foreign missions responsible for implementing the country's investment policy. At the regional level, services will be provided for investors by specialized front offices having a one-stop shop. They will include experts from local executive agencies, public service centers, Atameken, Damu FED, social and entrepreneurship corporations (SEC), migration, customs and tax authorities, as well as monopolists, notaries and interpreters.

According to experts, the adoption of these amendments would regulate the organization of activities of the “one-stop shop” and simplify the process of obtaining public and other services by investors. These innovations are the next step of the leadership of the country to improve the investment climate in Kazakhstan.