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40 Swiss companies working actively in Kazakhstan

Swiss investors are interested in the further economic development of independent Kazakhstan, a correspondent of Khabar 24 reports. Representatives of business circles of the confederation are confident in further pursuing mutually beneficial cooperation.

Zhanat Ernst, correspondent:

- Since the first days of independence, a favorable investment climate has been established in Kazakhstan. That led to attracting over USD300 billion in foreign direct investment from around the world to the country's economy. Switzerland is among the top 10 best investors in Kazakhstan with a bilateral trade volume of USD 3 billion per year and with a great prospect for further growth.

The total volume of Swiss investments over the past 13 years amounted to about USD23 billion, which is almost 8 per cent of the total funds raised in the country's economy. Inter-parliamentary cooperation, as well as solid partnership in the development of education and tourism are actively developing.

Zhanar Aitzhanova, the Ambassador of Kazakhstan to Switzerland, Permanent Representative of Kazakhstan to the UN in Geneva:

- First of all, of course, we target the Swiss engineering companies in the engineering, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, which today are also well represented, but in the distribution market. They work more like distributors. And we are now talking with them about locating their production in Kazakhstan with the subsequent entry into the EAEU market. Swiss companies express great interest in the participation of projects in the implementation of the One Belt, One Way Initiative, both in the construction of infrastructure projects and in the service sector.

Vincent Subilia, Director General of the Geneva Chamber of Commerce and Industry:

- Kazakhstan is the main trading partner of Switzerland in Central Asia. Our countries have a good history of relations. 40 Swiss companies are working actively in Kazakhstan. Switzerland is the sixth largest trading partner of your country, which plays a key role in the dynamically developing region of Central Asia.

The process of agreeing on the details of the new trade and economic agreements will be completed very soon. Their signing will significantly expand mutual trade and increase the inflow of Swiss investment in services.

Vincent Subilia, Director General of the Geneva Chamber of Commerce and Industry:

- Forecasting is a key factor for all economic activity in any country. Therefore, we hope that the transit period, which is taking place today in Kazakhstan, will not only be able to maintain our very strong relationship, but also allow us to consolidate them in the future. We believe that Kazakhstan has a good future.

Swiss companies intend to continue cooperation with Kazakhstan partners in the development of the agricultural sector, logistics and housing and utilities, as well as in the field of "green" energy.

 Authors: Zhanat Ernst, Zhomart Akhmetov.