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Arizona investors would like to renew cooperation with Kazakhstan

American investors are ready to cooperate with Kazakhstan in the mining industry, expand aerospace communications, as well as share their experiences in the development of agriculture and education system, a correspondent of Khabar 24 reports.

A delegation from Arizona chaired by the Speaker of the House of Representatives Russell Bowers arrived in the capital. The guests told that in the 90s Kazakhstan was the largest trading partner of Arizona, but in the course of time the supply volumes decreased. Now they would like to resume their cooperation and strengthen economic ties between the two countries. The mission is supposed to increase investment in our country, transfer technology and increase trade.

Russell Bowers, the Speaker of the Arizona House of Representatives:

 - We are ready to offer you the best technologies in all sectors, especially in agriculture, because we have a similar climate. We are also forced to develop this sector in view of drought, shortage of irrigation water. In the field of education, we could finance educational and research projects.