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Favorable visa regime in the Republic of Kazakhstan helps to attract American investment

In recent years, the Kazakhstan Government has taken significant efforts to create favourable conditions for foreign investment.

The business community of leading Western countries, primarily members of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, are widely using the visa-free regime created for their citizens when visiting Kazakhstan, a correspondent of Khabar 24 reports.

The observed steady increase of US companies’ investing in the economy of Kazakhstan is not least related to the simplified visa regime between the two countries. Businessmen from the United States with no time lost to get an entry permit can at any time make a trip to meet with their Kazakhstan partners. In case of large projects, without any delays and administrative barriers, foreign entrepreneurs obtain long-term special investor visas that makes doing business easier.

Gennady Perepada, CEO of the US Consulting Company:

- Owing to the visa-free regime, the flow of investment in Kazakhstan increased. We, as a company that deals with consulting services, began to receive a very large number of orders for advice, assistance in investing in your state. Thanks to the stability, the economy, the political situation established by your First President, there is the confidence of the American business and the desire to enter Kazakhstan today. And our company seeing all these opportunities helps to invest their funds in your state. We hope that the next President will preserve the peace, stability, economic investments of American investors in your country.

 Authors: Maira Abdrakhmanova, Renat Sadyrov