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KAZAKH INVEST signed several investment agreements as part of the One Belt, One Road International Cooperation Forum

Agreements in the fields of transport, logistics, trade and agriculture were signed by NC KAZAKH INVEST JSC during the One Belt, One Road International Cooperation Forum in Beijing (China).

A joint document with Shanghai Ace Investment & Development Co.Ltd. envisages the development of cooperation in the fields of transport, logistics and trade. The Chinese side is considering the possibility of investing in creation of own transport and logistics base on the territory of the Seaport-Aktau Special Economic Zone  that includes the construction of a supply base, assembly and equiping workshops, a container terminal, exhibition and training centers. The project worth USD 200 million will create about 500 new jobs. The company plans to export component parts to the markets of Azerbaijan, Russia, Turkmenistan and Iran.

For the city and the Seaport-Aktau Special Economic Zone, this project will provide an opportunity to diversify its market and serve as a powerful impetus to the development of trade, economic and investment cooperation between Kazakhstan and China.

The agreement with CITIC Construction includes developing irrigation systems. The sides note the relevance and great potential for the development of cooperation in this direction in the light of the Plan for the Development of Irrigated Lands until 2028, approved in 2018.

In turn, NC KAZAKH INVEST JSC as “a single window” for investors will provide the necessary measures of support. In particular, the company will assist in finding a local partner, establishing a dialogue with branch state agencies, obtaining tax and investment preferences.