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Tokayev called for taking personal responsibility for obstacles to investment

Today our country is one of the leading states of the Central Asian region. From the point of view of development, we are the first among the countries of the post-Soviet space. It would be unlikely without constant economic growth.

Investment, export and industrialization are key factors to achieve the diversification of the economy as well as to provide the economic growth. Current rates are rather rapid. It is necessary to harmonize the work of the state and business, as well as the center and regions.

Kazakhstan creates a favorable climate for attracting foreign investments. First of all, we should create conditions for potential investors. In particular, there are significant obstacles related to assigning land lots for foreign investors, providing these land lots with engineering and electric networks and those related to acquiring permits.

Instead of urgent addressing the issue of bureaucracy. As consequence, administrative barriers and artificial obstacles in a number of regions do not allow us to raise the business activity. And sometimes the potential investor is compelled to choose other country.  

It concerns not only foreign, but also domestic investors. I instruct the Government and Akims to solve this problem urgently. The personal responsibility of any officials those interfering investment should be considered.   

In 2019, it is created the Fund of Direct Investments. According to the decision of Elbasy, the National Fund allocated KZT 370 billion. If the Fund works effectively, there is an opportunity to achieve significant results in 2019.

The volume of investment attracted in the country and non-raw export will be a crucial indicator in the assessment of Ministers’ and Akims’ activities.