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Kazakhstan’s investment opportunities presented in France

Businessmen of Normandy were told about Kazakhstan’s investment opportunities. At the invitation of Senator Natali Goulet, the delegation of the Kazakhstan Embassy in France toured the region and held a number of business-meetings, a correspondent of Khabar 24 informs.

One of destinations was Camembert city that is known for its cheese production around the world. Local producers do not exclude the fact that once Kazakhstan would start to produce this French delicacy.

Not all people are allowed inside the holy of holies of the oldest cheese enterprise, but the Kazakhstan diplomats are treated here generously. The administration of the family Camembert factory presented its production and products, and learnt with interest about the state of the dairy market of Kazakhstan.

Charlotte Fleszar, Export Manager of the cheese factory:

 - We know that the consumption of dairy production and Camembert in particular grows in China. The Chinese market is very interesting for us. I heard a little of the Kazakhstan market with its sanitary norms are similar to those in Russia. Our strategy is to satisfy the demand of the European market, and then go further.

Manual labour is still widely used at the factory. That is why we manage to keep the farmer Camembert production process in the industrial conditions.

 Aliya Syzdykova, a correspondent:

 - 2,3 litres of milk are required to produce one head of camembert cheese weighing from 250 grams. The whole process of production from getting milk up to production of ready cheese takes about two weeks.

In France, the agriculture strongly depends on the state support. But, in the market of food stuffs, the competition between the French produces is much stronger, unlike our country. And this experience of optimization of charges at the highest requirement to the quality is extremely useful for our country.

Natali Goulet, Deputy of the Senate of France:

 - I believe that experts and professionals from Orna Department can visit Kazakhstan to estimate the conditions on the ground and to understand how to build cooperation, probably, to help improve the technologies. Normandy cheese producer will have the opportunity to get acquainted with rural agriculture of Kazakhstan this summer. They, as well as other producers of food stuffs, were invited by our diplomats to participate in the French-Kazakhstan agricultural forum that is taking place in Rennes city this summer.

 Authors: Aliya Syzdykova, Bekkhan Tepsayev