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Investment in the green economy accounted for KZT80,2 billion

According to preliminary results of 2018, the investment aimed at protecting the environment, increased in 2,5 times for the year and accounted for KZT80,2 billion. This is the record amount of capital investment in this sector. Earlier the maximum amount of investment was in 2014 - KZT78,7 billion. Such data are provided by finprom.kz.

In 2017 the amount of investment funded in protecting the environment made up KZT32,5 billion, and the annual growth was only 0,9 %.

Competitiveness of green technologies in the national economy grows actively. By 2050, the transformation within the framework of the green economy would allow additionally to increase the gross national product by 3 %, to create more than 500,000 new jobs, to create new industries and spheres of services as well as to provide the highest living standards for the population. The immediate goal is to get a 3 per cent share of wind-mill electric generating plants and solar electric plants in the total electric energy output in 2020.

The greatest concentration of investment aimed at protecting of the environment, is observed in Akmola region: KZT25,7 billion - more than 6,5 times more compared to the same period of the previous year (KZT3,8 billion).

The following regions are also ranked in the top three on the amount of investment aimed at protecting of the environment: Zhambyl region (from about KZT133,8 million to KZT12,7 billion) and Atyrau region (KZT9,1 billion, has more than doubled for the year).

In the country there are 65 objects of renewable energy sources, including 12 wind, 19 solar, 33 hydroelectric power plants and 1 biogas unit. For the first half-year of 2018 they produced 629,5 million kWh.

A wind-mill electric generating plant Astana EXPO-2017 with a capacity of 50 mW is currently under construction in Akmola region. Commissioning of this wind-mill electric generating plant would reduce the greenhouse gas emissions by 230,000 tons per year, almost equal to the volume of emissions of more than 113,000 motor vehicles. Following the completion of the plant, it would be able to meet the needs of more than 10,000 families due to renewable energy sources, therefore reducing the use of fossil fuel.

One of investors of the wind-mill electric generating plant construction is Kazyna Capital Management JSC, the company’s share in the authorized capital of the project is 23,55 %. DBK Equity Fund and Baiterek Venture Fund, being a part of Kazyna Capital Management JSC invested in the project KZT3,6 billion.

The total cost of the construction of the wind-mill electric generating plant with a capacity of 50 mW is KZT45,1 billion (USD130,8 million). Along with Kazyna Capital Management JSC, the funding of the project was also provided by two more affiliated organizations of Baiterek National Welfare Fund: Kazakhstan Development Bank (KZT30,5 billion) and its affiliated organization, KDB-LEASING JSC (KZT3,6 billion).

Participation of the funds and institutional investors in similar projects ensures the implementation of the Kazakhstan’s Strategy on a transition to a green economy as part of which the head of the state has tasked to increase the alternative energy share up to 30 % by 2030.

Kazyna Capital Management JSC manages 13 funds aimed at the promotion of sustainable development of the national economy. By the end of 2017, the investment portfolio of Kazyna Capital Management JSC accounts for KZT66,1 billion (USD202,8 million) and includes 25 projects worth KZT46,9 billion which are under implementation in Kazakhstan (71 % of the overall investment portfolio).

The remained 29 % of the investment portfolio are generated by 34 projects in the territory of other states. The greatest number of projects invested by Kazyna Capital Management JSC is implemented in the sphere of energy (22 projects) and transport sphere (7 projects).