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Every three Kazakhstan vehicles out of five produced in East Kazakhstan region

Over the past year, Kazakhstan’s automobile market grew by a quarter, a correspondent of Khabar 24 informs. And the expenses of residents of the country for the acquisition of vehicles increased by more than a third and amounted to almost KZT500 billion.

The activity of buyers has resulted in the development of the domestic car industry. Increase in the production in this sphere accounted for about 80 per cent. In total, 32,000 vehicles were produced in the Republic in 2018. Including 18,000 ones were for the Ust-Kamenogorsk assembly line. Every three Kazakhstan vehicles out of five were produced in East Kazakhstan region.

The leadership in this sector has been achieved by the plant thanks to extensive investment. Throughout 16 years of operation, the enterprise has invested USD489 million in the production and infrastructure. Including USD70 million was directed to the construction of a new integrated Automobile Plant. It is one of the key projects of the Forced Innovative Industrial Development Program.

In addition, the enterprise has paid in the budget of KZT90 billion in the form of taxes for these years. And the salary increases annually.

Andrey Tolstikov, the Vice-President for Car Assembly Plant Development in Ust-Kamenogorsk city:

- According to results of 2018, Asia Auto has managed to increase the number of staff by 19 per cent. In addition to this, our indicators have enabled us to raise salaries. We have raised salaries of our workers by an average of 20-21 per cent. For today, the average staff salary makes up KZT221,000.