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Kazakhstan investment opportunities presented to Italy

Astana International Financial Center was presented at the XI Eurasian Economic Forum.

The forum aims to arrange cooperation between business-communities of the two economic organizations, the European Union and EAEC. How European businessmen evaluate the business-climate in Kazakhstan, special correspondent of Khabar 24 will inform.

Astana International Financial Center was presented at the Eurasian Economic Forum in Verona as part of the session dedicated to new technologies in the financial sphere. According to representatives of the center, 80 residents have already been registered since its establishment.

Marat Aitenov, Deputy Chairman of the Board of AIFC:

- They work in different sectors, they are experts in various industries, they brought in our country their practice, expertise, skills, their vision how to develop the various industries, sectors, how to attract as well as to manage the investment. One Belt One Road - through it Kazakhstan as a global transit platform will encourage the development of linkages between different countries, making it possible to enhance inflows of investment.

The western investors studied here the opportunities presented by the new Financial Center in Kazakhstan. According to Romano Prodi, Ex-Chairman of the European Commission and President of Foundation for Worldwide Cooperation, this Center possesses high potential.

Romano Prodi, Ex-Chairman of the European Commission:

- Kazakhstan geographical position between Russia and China just requires an additional financial center. It has prospects. I should tell that this project has started with proper steps. It is based on the British legislation, transparency, opportunities of cooperation with different centers. Now it is necessary to work in order to make this Center a part of the global financial system.

How foreign business feels in Kazakhstan, participants of the forum could learn not only from representatives of the Kazakhstan party, but also from businessmen who are already working in the country.  

The French Group of Companies with 200-year history VICAT has come to Kazakhstan ten years ago. The company invested USD300 million in the cement works in Zhambyl region. Now, it produces 1 million 600 thousand tons of cement per year. The head of the company Gi Sidos stressed that the factory in Kazakhstan is one of the most effective among other enterprises of the company all over the world. In many respects owing to the good business-climate in the country.

Gi Sidos, Director General of VICAT:                         

- I met with Nursultan Nazarbayev in Brussels during the conversation with European businessmen and thanked him for assistance in establishing this enterprise, where now there are 300 constant jobs and 3000 accompanying jobs. And our work in Kazakhstan is successful. The investment climate is perfect. The Kazakhstan administration takes all efforts for this purpose.

The Eurasian forum in Verona is a platform that unites business from the Atlantic up to the Pacific Ocean. Entrepreneurs from the different countries have one goal. This is business free from borders, barriers and geopolitics risks. Considering these efforts, establishing one more financial center here in the heart of Eurasia is considered to be a perspective opportunity for diversification.

 Authors: Dana Nurzhan, Alexandr Lyubitelev