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Why Kazakhstan is important to the European business?

The European Union is a basic trading and investment partner of Kazakhstan. It accounts for half of Kazakhstan foreign trade turnover and over half of direct foreign investments into our country, the correspondent of «Khabar 24» informs.

Zhanat Ernest, the correspondent, Twitter@ZhanatErnst:

- The European investors and businessmen highly value the investment climate created over the years of independence in our country, and are full of plans and hopes for the further cooperation in agriculture, processing sectors, oil-and-gas sector and development of “green” technologies.

Guy Sidos, Chairman of the Board of VICAT Group/France/: 

- I was very glad to meet with the President N. Nazarbayev and to thank him for the conditions the Government created for us. We’ve been working for seven years in Kazakhstan and built a plant near Balkhash. Now it is a high time to invest, as financial and oil price crisis is already behind. The economy can show the growth. Your President announced the program on construction, and this also offers great opportunities for business inflow to you.

The Dutch businessmen intend to open a potato processing plant in Kazakhstan. New technologies are required for production of competitive export products, as well as the selection experience on creation of new grades of ecologically pure potato meeting the standards of the largest world fast food companies. 

Jos De Boer, a member of the Board of directors of Farm Frites/ the Netherlands /:

 - In the Address to Kazakhstani people, your President declared that the agriculture is one of priorities for development of the country. We produce fried potatoes. It is one and a half million tons of potatoes and 800,000 tons of final export products per year. We plan to focus on the agrarian potential of Kazakhstan with its great opportunities to cultivate and process potatoes.

Zhanat Ernest, the correspondent, Twitter@ZhanatErnst:

- Kazakhstan is also important to the European business for its geographical location, being a bridge between the Europe and Asia and a modern transport and logistical hub on a new Silk Way.

Jean-Luc Morhange, Chairman of the Board of CMI Group/ Belgium /:

- Kazakhstan already plays a role as the fast-developing country in the region. EXPO-2017 was very interesting and modern. Now the key moment is cooperation with China and development of new Silk Way. Kazakhstan has very favourable location and can become a great player in transportation and etc.

Only for the last year, the inflow of direct foreign investments from EU accounted for almost USD 10 billion that makes up half of the total number of the invested capital. The basic countries-investors are the Netherlands, Belgium, France, the Great Britain, Germany and Luxembourg. Owing to the conditions created in the country for inflow of investments, there are all preconditions for the further increase in mutually advantageous bilateral partnership.


Authors: Zhanat Ernest, Zhomart Akhmetov.

Источник: https://24.kz/ru/news/economyc/item/272487-chem-vazhen-kazakhstan-dlya-evropejskogo-biznesa
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