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Mitsubishi Corporation is interested in Kazakhstan infrastructural projects

On October, 11 in Astana city, Toru Yasuda, Director of a company branch of Mitsubishi Corporation in Kazakhstan met with Braliyev Alzhan, Director of Capital Office of NC Kazakh Invest JSC. The meeting was also attended by representatives of Astana Invest city center for investment development and Management Company of Astana Technopolis special economic zone. Mitsubishi Company management was presented the project on creation of a multimodal hub on the basis of the Astana International Airport.

The project of a multimodal hub on the basis of the Astana International Airport provides for the establishment of Aerotropolis, a new center with commercial and inhabited facilities, an industrial zone, transport-logistics facilities, recreational centers and tourist facilities. Hub activities will be directed to serve aircrafts and passengers, handling and storage of cargoes, multimodal transportations, as well as the development of the Aerotropolis with the subsequent attraction of investors in industrial and commercial zones, construction of tourist, inhabited and recreational facilities.

During the dialogue, representatives of Mitsubishi informed of the company’s interest in implementing investment projects in the area of infrastructure (construction of airports, water pipelines, desalination plants, sewage treatment plants, gas distribution systems and etc.).

Discussing the prospects for joint work, representatives of Astana Technopolis presented the activities of the SEZ management company, proposed the joint cooperation in creating the infrastructure and attracting Japanese companies to open enterprises in the new Industrial Park No.2 in Astana.

Following the meeting, participants of the dialogue expressed hope for further mutually beneficial cooperation.

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