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CEO of INOKS Capital shared his experience of doing business in Kazakhstan

CEO of INOKS Capital Nabil Marc Abdul-Massih shared his experience of doing business in Kazakhstan, as well as briefed on the major advantages of implementing investment projects in the Republic.

First of all, his Company was interested in launching an enterprise to manufacture high quality products in Kazakhstan. And here, Nabil Marc Abdul-Massih highlighted an open and systematic approach to supporting foreign investors, quickly assessing and planning the current tasks and resources at all stages of project creation, that was essential for INOKS Capital.   

“We should emphasize the stable comfort provided by the Kazakhstan legal system and the strong political will of the Kazakhstan administration when accompanying investment projects. An equal conditions and modern infrastructure for promoting and developing business, such as the AIFC, special economic zones for projects in key sectors of the economy have become a decisive factor for our company to make a decision,” he added.  Nabil Marc Abdul-Massih stressed that the standardization of administrative work in conjunction with stimulating tax and financial packages did not make them think about the need to continue investing in the economy of Kazakhstan.”

“I express my gratitude to Kazakhstan and its people, as well as to the team of NC KAZAKH INVEST JSC for joint work ... The qualified human resources that we were lucky to attract in your country, became the foundation for the rapid and sustainable development of our project,” the CEO of INOKS Capital concluded.