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State support requires an individual approach

The global crisis created by the coronavirus pandemic gives our producers a chance to enter new export markets. For this purpose, the state comprehensively supports entrepreneurs. But experts are of the opinion that there is a need for an individual approach to the use of state preferences, a correspondent of the Khabar 24 reports.

Securing the potential of medium and small businesses in emergency situations is now one of the priorities. The Head of State announced an unprecedented package of state support measures. According to experts, in the context of the global crisis, this gives domestic producers a unique chance to enter new markets.

Bashtai Omerbek, Head of the Export Promotion Department of MTI RK:

- Almost 50% of the transport expenses of end products is recoverable in order to reduce the cost of our export goods. Moreover, an export acceleration program has been launched in order to support medium-sized fast-growing companies. It will allow entrepreneurs to receive free of charge consultations in export issues, as well as profound analysis, expert assessment and full support on the way to export.

At the same time, the state support should be used rationally, experts say. So, tax preferences for the most affected sectors should be applied while taking into account the individual characteristics of each entrepreneur. For example, dining rooms in hospitals are stably secured by state order.

Anuar Ermekov, the Executive Director of the One-Stop Shop Office of the Kazakhstan PPP Center:

- In this regard, it seems to me that there are no tax preferences for entrepreneurs. Since he already receives guaranteed income from the state. And at the same time, the exemption  from tax payment and charge would provide him with additional income.

A careful and personal approach, according to experts, should also applies to the issue of lease payments. This is relevant for participants of the public-private partnership projects.

Author: Yulana Chaus.