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Kazakhstan investors are invited to cooperation in Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan adopted a law on public-private partnership, a correspondent of Khabar 24 reports.

Now entrepreneurship in this country is developing with the active support of the state making it attractive for investors from neighboring countries. Entrepreneurs from Kazakhstan are called to work actively in the market. In recent years, a significant increase in small and medium enterprises has been observed in the structure of the country's economy. It is expected that this year the amount of foreign investment in the economy will be about USD3.5 billion. Currently, Uzbekistan has almost 600 joint ventures with Kazakhstan capital.

Alisher Abdualiyev, the First Deputy Minister for Investment and Foreign Trade of Uzbekistan:

 - There are a number of projects within the framework of the adopted law. English, Turkish and Korean companies have a special interest. A month ago, we laid down symbolic capsules for building a car factory. Therefore, we invite our neighbors, entrepreneurs from Kazakhstan, to safely invest. So that together we could earn in the market of Uzbekistan.