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Kazakhstan’s investment opportunities presented in Korea

Business proposals worth hundreds of millions dollars was brought by the delegation of Kazakhstan National Welfare Fund to South Korea, a correspondent of Khabar 24 informs.

In Seoul, its representatives met with potential investors. In the Korean Corporation of Foreign Infrastructure and City Development, the representatives of the Holding and its subsidiaries told about public-private partnership projects in Kazakhstan. This is the construction of two clinics for 300 beds under Almaty and Karaganda Universities, as well as the railway bypass around the Almaty station. The negotiations with the Korean Export-Import Bank focused on the issues of renewing its cooperation with the Kazakhstan Development Bank. It also mentions the cooperation with Hyundai Engineering and Construction to build large facilities in Kazakhstan. PPP projects in our country became popular due to the big Ring Almaty Road. More precisely, the participation in this project of the second-largest South-Korean Corporation. The investment arrangement in BRAR was in USD and in connection with a sharp increase in the exchange rate value of the United States dollar, the investors had difficulties in Kazakhstan, but the Government of our country resolved this problem. In Seoul, the investors were also presented the largest road project of Kazakhstan - construction and operation of roads in Turkestan region. Its value amounted to USD 480 million. 

Adil Utembayev, the Chairman of the Board of PPP Project Support Center:

- In December, we intend to complete the approval of the documentation and to announce the first stage of the tender. This tender will be international, we will announce it through all sources of the information.

Kim Ji Eun, the Managing Director of the company:

- In Kazakhstan we had the difficulties related to the increase in the exchange rate value of the United States dollar, but the Government of Kazakhstan came to terms and helped optimize the risks and currently this problem is being addressed. During the work in Kazakhstan I have learned that there are business support funds. I believe that projects funding will soon be implemented in Kazakhstan tenge.