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Zharma district has 19 administrative-territorial units, 51 settlements, including 4 large: Kalbatau settlement is the district center, Shar town, Auezov and Zhangiz-Tobe settlements.

Nature has endowed this region by richness and diversity. Numerous rivers and lakes, green hills, picturesque mountain tracts.

lake-balykty-kol petroglyphs-karasu



The area is located in the center of East Kazakhstan. It was founded in 1928 and named after the then district center Zharma village. Since 1932, the regional center becomes the village Georgiyevka (renamed in 2008 as Kalbatau).


The district occupies 22.6 thousand square kilometers, accounting for 8% of the area of the East Kazakhstan region.


Zharma district is located in the central part of the East Kazakhstan region. In the east, the region borders with Kokpekty, on the west by Abai, on the south by Ayaguz areas in the north to Ulan district and Semey. Distance to:
Ust-Kamenogorsk - 106 km.
Semey - 150 km.
Astana city - 950 km.
Almaty - 1,000 km.


At the beginning of 2017, the population of the district totals 38709 people, representatives of 23 nationalities live here, among whom Kazakhs make up 92,5 %, Russians make up 5,3 %, other nations account for 2,2 %. 


The mining and manufacturing industries are developed in the district. There are production of centrifugal pumps and console, production of bricks, asphalt production, breeze blocks production, vegetable oil, bakery products, furniture manufacture.
Important role in the economic development of the district belongs to the agro-industrial complex, which has considerable economic potential. The development of it critically determines the level of food safety area and socio-economic situation in the region.

Land resources

1110215 hectares - agricultural purposes,
9231 hectares - industries,
876 0710 hectares - reserve lands.

Labour forces

Economically active population makes up 21227 people (statistical data of the regional statistics administration as of January 1, 2016).

Officially registered unemployed as of September 1, 2016 makes up 136 persons, including men - 51, women - 85.

Personnel potential

Service College, KGKP «College of construction» of Semey city

Specialities: bookkeeper, crane operator, cook, gas welder.

Investment potential

According to the results of 11 months this year, the investment into the fixed capital made up KZT 48 150,7  million or  KZT 22316 million more compared to the last year.

“BGP” Ltd has the basic part of investments due to implementation of the project “Kyzyl”. Total amount of the project is KZT 121,5 billion. The period of implementation is 2015-2019. Last year the enterprise has begun implementation of the project on construction of a by-pass highway of general using, on construction of new boiler-houses and on construction of the water pipe-line in Auezov settlement. The equipment for implementation of the project has been purchased in the beginning of this year. It is planned to start the construction of the plant in the latter half of this year.

About 20 enterprises of the district deal with geological prospecting works. Till 2020 it is planned to attract investments to the sum of KZT 50 billion, due to implementation of 3 investment projects. All projects are considered in the Coordination Council for Forced Innovative Industrial Development of the region, and two projects are included in the Industrialization Card, they are:

1. “Artel Starateley Gornyak” Ltd. Founder: “Corporation Kazakhmys” Ltd. Director: Minigulov Amangeldy Mukhamedkaliyevich. Cost of the project KZT 7728 million. Project timeline: 2016, labour force: during construction of the plant-150-200 persons, during operation of the plant - 445 persons (360 workers, 85 technical and engineering employees)

2. “Zhangiz-Solar” Ltd. - Construction of solar power station with a capacity of 30 MW per year (Zhangiz-Tobe settlement) to the total sum of KZT 17,5,0 billion, a source of funding - foreign investments. Director: Seitenov Daniyar Elzhanuly. Project timeline: 2018, labour force: during construction of the plant-150-200 persons, during operation of the plant - 8 persons.

Except for that, one more project is being prepared for consideration of the Coordination Council of the region.

1. “Zharma Energy” Ltd – “Construction of wind-mill electric generating plant with a capacity of 45 MW”. Cost of the project – KZT 25162 million, including KZT 21387,7 million of borrowed funds and KZT 3,774,3 million of own funds. Project timeline: 2018, labour force: during construction of the plant - 470 the persons, during operation of the plant - 45 persons.

Alongside with the industry, the investments are also attracted in the agriculture. For 11 months of 2017 the agricultural equipment and breeding-stock were purchased to the sum of KZT 284,1 million which are registered in Statistics Administration as investments. The district conducts constant work on attraction of investments and innovative development.

Need for labour personnel 

The need for workers and experts as of September 1, 2016 is 68 persons.

1. Bolashak farm: veterinarian -1, cattleman-3;

2. “Kazpost” JSC: leading expert-1, operator-1;

3. GLPR “Semey ormany”: master of forest-1;

4. IE «Sadvakasova»: assistant of seller-2, janitor -1, gardener-1, wash up-1, cleaner-1;

5. “MFO KMF” Ltd: credit expert-1;

6. “AS Gornyak”: driver of heavy vehicles -1;

7.   Institution OV156/21: doctor -1, psychiatrist -1, medical assistant -1, controller -10;

8. “Sembel” Ltd: cookie -2;

9. S.Kapanbulak MSE “After T.Khasenuly”: teacher of Russian language -1;

10. “BGP” Ltd: legal adviser -1, bookkeeper-2, economist -1, engineer-1;

11. “Vostok Metal Trance”: production workers -3, builders-3;

12. Sarybas farm: cattleman-1, milkmaid-1, tractor operator-1;

13. “Shalabai” Ltd : chief accountant -1, lawyer-1, veterinarian -1, Kamaz driver -3, tractor operator-4, cattleman-2;

14. “SAS Kazakhstan”: cookie -1, services-1, cleaner-1;

15. P.Auezov shop “DARYN”: baker -1;

16. KGKP “Shar municipal hospital”: dermatologist - 1, lawyer - 1, bookkeeper - 1;

17. IE “Sandybayeva B.”: general worker-1;

18. “Bereke-Birlik” farm: machine operator-1, cattleman-1;

19. “Ak Sunkar” farm: stockkeeper -1;

Tourist potential

Zharma district has diverse nature. Green hills, picturesque mountains, numerous rivers and lakes. The most famous among them is the Arasan Salty Lake. The basic therapeutic factors of the Arasan Lake are mud and mineral water. Water of the Arasan Lake is composed of hydrocarbonate-sulphate-chloride-calcium-magnesium water with mineralization 4,6 g/l РН-8,8 (alkaline). The mud of the Arasan Lake is moor. The moor mud is black, oily with high colloidal structure and plasticity, humidity makes up 48 %. The moor mud of the Lake is the same as the world famous therapeutic muds of the Lakes of Saki, Tambukan (Pyatigorsk), Muyaldy. Therapeutic properties of the mud have long been known. For today, the health resort of Zharma health improving centre “Zharma Arasan” is located near the Arasan Lake, 12 km northeast of the district centre Kalbatau settlement (Georgiyevka).