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The district has a flat relief. Only in some places there are 6-10 meter ridges. Belagash Hill with absolute height of 200-351 m runs from the northeast to the east of the district and it is a continuation of the Altay Mountains and gradually becomes the Kulundin steppe. The Irtysh River crosses the district in the west. The right bank of the Irtysh is characterized by ridges divided by hollows. There are belt pine forests on sandy areas of the Priirtysh. The district has five such basic forests. “Beskaragai” district was named owing to these five large forests of the unique relic belt pine forest. The territory of the district directly adjoins the zone of Semipalatinsk nuclear proving ground where in 1949-1990 there had been underground air nuclear weapon testing. According to the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated from 1992 “On social protection of citizens, suffered from nuclear testing on Semipalatinsk proving ground”, four settlements are considered to be the emergency, the other territory of the district - the maximal zone of spread of the hazard.


The district occupies the area of 1 140 924 hectares
The administrative centre of the district is Beskaragai settlement. The district has 10 rural districts.


As of December 1, 2017 the district totals 19,094 people.


In the territory of Beskaragai district there are 21 comprehensive school, including, 3 basic and 18 secondary schools.
In all, 3015 children are trained at schools.
There is the Beskaragai post service facility which includes the central operational lot, 10 rural departments of post service.


The basic role in the economy of the district belongs to the agriculture.

The expected output of the agriculture in 2017 will make up KZT 16373,5 million, the index of actual volume will account for 102,3%, including animal breeding KZT 10274,4 million or 103%, plant-growing KZT 6099,1 million or 102%.

The expected number of great cattle stock will make up 34,3 thousand heads or 100,5 %, the small cattle stock will make up 46,7 thousand heads or 100,6 %, horses will make up 9,9 thousand heads or 100,8 %, pigs – 878 heads or 101,5 %, poultry - 56,4 thousand heads or 104,7 %.

The number of great cattle stock made up 42420 heads or 101,9 %, the small cattle stock made up 51874 heads or 93,1 %, horses made up 11057 heads or 104 %, pigs – 1060 heads or 122,4 %, poultry - 56755 heads or 89,1 %.

In 2017 the number of farms, engaged in cattle-breeding increased from 174 to 278 ones compared to the previous year.

There are 64 breeding farms in the district with 5007 heads of calving females, a share of participation of cattle in breeding accounts for 27,1 %.

6 farms of the district are members of the Republican Chamber of a meat direction of the Kazakh white-headed breed: Lana (1133 heads), Mukinov (590 heads), Azamat (279 heads), Dulat (160 heads), Satarov (297 heads), Besterek (681 heads). In all 3140 heads.

Kalikanuly farm is a member of the Republican Chamber on breeding red and steppe diary breed.

The district has 4 dairy farms (Balke – 420, Kalikanuly – 320, Sayat - 250, Bekarys – 110), including 3 farms (Balke, Bekarys, Kalikanuly) participated in the regional program of modernization and reconstruction of dairy farms.

Reconstruction of Balke farm for 500 dairy cows, for today this dairy farm has 420 dairy cows.

In connection with the fact that installation of the milk pipe-line of the tied housing is outdated, the head of the farm Tokashev O.N. would like to install a milking plant “Parallel” of loose housing. The project is carried over to 2018.

It is also constructed the dairy commodity farm “Besterek” for 100 milk cows. Building and construction works are 100 % completed. According to the plan the number of calving females will make up 100 heads.

The district has 2 milk receiving stations (MRS) (Bekarys farm and Balykbayev N.A. farm).            According to the plan-task the volumes of milk realization by MRS accounted for 102 %, that made up 550,9 tons, with planned 540 tons (Bekarys farm - 274,4 tons, Balykbayev farms - 276,5 tons).

In 2018 it is planned to open 3 milk receiving stations – “Ernazar” (43 participants), “Karabas” (24 participants), “Balapan” (50 participants).

In 2017 through JSC “Agrarian credit corporation” of East Kazakhstan region within the framework of Birlik Program the farm “Balykbayev N.A.” got 53 heads of great cattle worth KZT 17,0 million, within the framework of Isker Program – the farm “Balykbaev N.A.” conducted spring field works to the sum of KZT 3,0 million, the farm “Aygerim” got 586 heads of small cattle and 36 horses to the sum of KZT 33,5 million.

Land resources

Lands agricultural purposes - 440100 hectares;
Lands of settlements - 182200 hectares;
Lands of the industry - 3 199 hectares;
Lands of especially safeguarded natural territories - 392 364 hectares;
Lands of the water fund - 5702 hectares;
Lands of the stock - 117400 hectares;
Lands used by Semey city - 481 hectares.

Labour forces

The number of officially registered unemployed made up 79 persons (94,5 % to the level of the corresponding period of 2016). A share of the registered unemployed to economically active population made up 0,8 %. 249 new jobs are created. 1301 unemployed addressed concerning employment, 1082 unemployed are employed. 226 unemployed are directed to public paid jobs.
According to statistics, economically active population makes up 9184 or 60,1% of total population; Employed - 8760 or 43,5% of total population.
Unemployed - 424 persons (4,6%).


Personnel potential 

There is the Beskaragai College in the territory of the district. Training is conducted in 2016-2017 in the following specialities:
Cook - 20 persons;
Tractor operator of agricultural production - 34 persons;
Master on operation and repair of machines and mechanisms - 18 persons;
Driver - 20;

Forester – 87.

32 persons graduated in 2016-2017

The number of students for 2017-2018 makes up 167 persons 

Investment potential

The volume of investments into the fixed capital for 11 months of 2017 made up KZT 9968,6 million, including the investment into the private sector - KZT 825,0 million. The expected volume of investments into the fixed capital in 2017 will make up KZT 12203,5 million. For purposes of the further development of the investment innovative activity, the project of “LongXin” Ltd is under implementation in the district – “Construction of agricultural crops processing plant” of the International trading company on EKR worth KZT 5400,0 billion with creation of 250 new jobs. There is the 22,75 ha land plot for the investor to construct the plant in the district. It is planned to construct the plant after consideration of the project at the Coordination Council.     

In addition, in 2018-2020 the following projects are to be implemented within the framework of the state programs:

1. The project “Construction of Dairy Farm for 600 heads of great cattle” of “BeskaragaiAgro” Ltd (Smagulov Kairat Kanatovich) worth KZT 3 billion.

2. The project “Construction of Dairy Farm for 600 heads of great cattle” of “Technology of Comfort” Ltd (Mansurov Rustem Minsalimovich) worth KZT 1,5 billion;

3. The project “Reconstruction and modernization of Dairy Farm based on Besterek farm (Anayev) worth KZT 50,0 million.

2 milk receiving stations are opened in the district on the basis of the farms “Bekarys” and “Balykpayev N.A.”.

Besides, 2 more milk receiving stations are under construction in the district in 2018 on the basis of agricultural co-operatives “Karas”, “Balapan”.


Need for personnel resources

For today, Beskaragai district needs for:
1) Teacher of chemistry – 1 person, teachers of English language - 5, teachers of maths - 4;
2) Farms and individual enterprises of the district:

Drivers – 23;

Tractor operator of agricultural production - 24;

Master on operation and repair of machines and mechanisms – 25;

Expert (with pedagogical and juridical education) - 2.  

3) 1. Chief expert of PI “Akim’s Office of Baskol rural district” (child-care leave) (E-G-3 category) - 1 person; 2. Akim of PI “Akim’s Office of Karabas rural district” (E-R-1 category) - 1 person; 3. Chief expert of “Veterinary Science Department” (E-R-4 category) - 1 person; 4. Leading expert of PI “Akim’s Office of Kanoner rural district” (category E-G-4) - 1 person; 5. Leading expert of PI “Akim’s Office Baskol rural district” (child-care leave) (E-G-4 category) - 1 person; 6. Head of Public Services Monitoring and Information Technologies Department of Beskaragai district akim’s office (E-3 category) - 1 person; 7. Chief expert of Public Services Monitoring and Information Technologies Department of Beskaragai district akim’s office (E-4 category) - 1 person; 8. Leading expert of PI “Education, Physical Training and Sports Department” (E-R-5 category) - 1 person; 9. Leading expert of PI “Land Relations Department” (E-R-5 category) - 1 person. 

Tourist potential 

Beskaragai district has certain conditions for tourism development.

Active, ecological and beach tourism are developed in the district. Such tourist objects are available in the territory of the district as the unique Pine Forest, also the Irtysh River, the health-improving salty Shoshkaly Lake, rich with healing muds which attract tourists for the improvement of their health and for rest.  3 guest small houses, 1 trailer and 2 yurts are located on the bank of the Lake for tourists’ rest.

Youth public organization “Belukha” conducts annually various tourist actions for development of ecological tourism.

Within the framework of development of domestic tourism “Semey ormany” organized “Corner of recreation zone” inside the forest. Over 300 persons took a rest for the current period. 

There is a tourist-excursion eco-trail “Sacred spring” in the territory of “Semey ormany”. An eco-tourism zone covers the territory of 10 km. It is a hiking trail. The trail operates seasonally from the beginning of June till October.

The republican highway “Omsk-Maikapchagai” passes through the territory of Beskaragai district, over the length of the highway there are:

4 gas stations;

7 roadside cafes; 

A hotel.

The district has 3 hotels and one resort “Elimai”. The volume of rendered services for the third quarter of 2017 made up KZT 3,083,000. 315 visitors (residents) were catered, presenting 595 beds.

Within the framework of development of the tourist branch, the work has been under way in the district on implementing the project on construction of sports and health complex “Kozhegeldi” and yurt small town “Zhana auyl”, located in the territory of Glukhovski rural district in Staraya Krepost village, creating 80 new jobs.

Elimai resort is open for tourists in this very direction in the territory of Glukhovski rural district. The number of tourists accounted for over 10,000 persons since Elimai resort was opened.