Investment attraction of the agriculture of East Kazakhstan region is characterized by the following aspects:

1. Land resources:

The total area of agricultural lands makes up 10,3 million ha, including arable lands - 1,4 million ha, pastures - 8,4 million ha, haymaking - 441 thou ha.

- The land stocks - 10,6 million ha, including 8,9 million ha of farmland.

2. Increasing the area of irrigated lands and developing irrigation farming:

East Kazakhstan has a considerable amount of land resources (over 200,7 thou ha) and water resources for irrigation farming, including in the state land stock - 66,7 thou ha (33 %).

3. Perspective directions for investment in the animal breeding are the following:

- Development of dairy and beef cattle breeding;

- Development of meat poultry breeding;

- Construction of meat processing complexes;

- Development of maral breeding and beekeeping.

The basic direction of the agriculture is animal breeding, accounting for more than 60% of gross agricultural output.

For today, a number of great cattle in farms of all categories amounted to 1044,9 thousand, 3,7 million sheep and goats, 74,1 thousand pigs, 347,3 thousand horses, 4,4 million poultry, over 9,6 thousand marals and deer, and also 77,4 thousand bee colonies.

The region has unique agricultural resources, and the favorable geographical location makes it possible to develop all-round, mutually advantageous cooperation.