About 30 % of the territory of the region is covered with forests, which include such tree species, as fir, larch, fur-tree, cedar, aspen and birch and where about 70 % of commercial timber of Kazakhstan is concentrated. But, at the same time, the woodworking branch, that was once well developed, today is declining and demands restoration.

The total area of the State forest fund of the region makes up 3,6 million hectares. 44 % of exploitable timber resources of all Kazakhstan are concentrated in East Kazakhstan. Amount of forests of the region makes up 6,96 %. The basic tree species are pine, fir, fur-tree, cedar and larch, aspen, birch, poplar.

5 specially protected natural areas under the Forestry and Wildlife Committee of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan and 13 municipal public forest institutions under akimat of East Kazakhstan region are used for running the forest economy, the main objectives of which are forest fire protection and timber cutting, forest reproduction, forest-protection events. 

The area of specially protected natural territories makes up 1544,76 thousand hectares 41,8 %, of which is covered with forests 722,3 thousand hectares.

Now 16 out of 25 perspective forest districts which raw potential allows implementing projects on development of woodusing productions are assigned to longtime forest management for timber harvesting with possible annual volume of logging 470 thousand cub.m. 9 forest areas can be tendered with possible annual volume of logging 305 thousand cub.m.

Thus, East Kazakhstan region has a good resource potential for development of wood processing productions and there is an opportunity of attraction of foreign investors.